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Tokyo Girls Collection S/S12 - Sherbet Garden

On March 3rd, Tokyo Girls Collection 2012 was held at the Yokohama Arena. The theme for this particular collection was 'Sherbet Garden' which took its name from the recent pastel trend that is sweeping gyaru and starting to seep into the rest of the fashion concious world.

If you're unfamiliar with Tokyo Girls Collection (TGC), it's a fashion event which showcases fashionable streetwear, often by domestic brands. The clothes are often modelled by celebrities instead of professional models. It's open to the public and not just to journalists and the fashion elite and its almost unique in the sense that it there are often music performances, auctions and the famous Miss TGC Contest.

Musical performances this time came from Kyarypamyupamyu, Milky Bunny, Kana Nishino, IU and KARA.

Brands which attended are:
Abbey DAWN
bonica dot
Double focus
Nina mew
one way

TGC is useful as it can help to pinpoint what the upcoming trends can be in the upcoming months, so you can stay one step ahead of the fashion pack. Noteable trends from ths TGC are:

Sensational Skirts

This year at TGC statement skirts were all the rage. Liz Lisa, phebely, chesty and DURAS were just some of the brands which showcased this upcoming trend. It's a fun, and girly, feature that could be added to all of our wardrobes.

The skirts don't need to be as over the top as the catwork outfits. You can wear these a little more toned down for the same sort of girly flair. DURAS' offering shows a more evening way to wear these skirts whereas Liz Lisa's offering shows the skirt in a more day-to-day option.

Pair these skirts with a minimalist outfit. Keep the top half fitted and let the skirt do the talking for the rest of the outfit.

Which Brand Wore This Well: I like DURAS over the top offering as it showcases just how these skirts should be worn.
Which Brand Didn't Wear This Well: I wasn't a fan of chesty's presentation of this trend as the floral top swamped the skirt completely.

Brave Bolds

Bold prints are making their way into our wardrobe and many, many brands showcased this upcoming trend. Liz Lisa, BEAMS, DURAS, tokyo girls collection and a fair few other brands showcased this in their collections. It's a daring move which will certainly brighten everywhere in the summer!

With bold prints, the bolder the better. Just don't go for clashing colours as you'll stand out and not in a good way at all. BEAMS shows us how to wear the trend in a bright and eyecatching way.

With these bold prints, let the prints do the talking. You don't need to over-accessorise and wear another half a dozen prints with these. Liz Lisa's offering shows us exactly how these prints should be worn.

Which Brand Wore This Well: Although I adore BEAMS' offering, DURAS shows us how to look classy and sophisticated wearing a bold print.
Which Brand Didn't Wear This Well: I wasn't too fond of the tokyo girls collection special collection's offerings; I thought all of the other collections managed to out-bold them.

Wonderful Warms

With the arrival of summer, we'll be leaving be leaving behind the pretty pastels of spring and seeing warm colours creep into our wardrobe. Yellows and oranges are wonderful additions to our wardrobes. Lovedrose&Co., Double focus, BEAMS, Cecil McBee and TWNROOM were just few of the brands which showcased this trend. RYZA also had a lovely orange dress; check it out if you already haven't!

This trend can be easily worked into evening dresses which will brighten you up, or worked into your daily wardrobe. CECIL McBEE's lovely raincoat will even brighten you up on a cold, rainy day!

The key to working these pale warm colours is to not wear an outfit consisting of them. Work one key piece into your outfit and leave it at that. It'll brighten you up and make you look super awake. If you don't want to wear this, use an accent like Lovedrose&Co. did; the yellow belt brightened up the white dress more than a brown belt ever could!

Which Brand Wore This Well: I'm in love with the coat CECIL McBee put on its catwalk. It's perfect for those long, rainy summer days!
Which Brand Didn't Wear This Well: I thought everyone wore this well, but I found TWNROOM's use of this colour a little boring.

Ravishing Reds

If there was one colour that dominated the TGC, it was red. Nearly every collection had red somewhere in its collection, and if it didn't it had another flame colour. Red is set to be this summers hottest colour so prepare to see this everywhere.

If you're a pale girl, red will probably drain you of all colour to beware wearing this colour. If you're pale maybe wear this colour as an accent to your outfit, or if you're feeling braver wear red on its own.

You can wear red on its own or team it with a plethora of other colours for a fresh look. It's a bold colour to wear but if you wear it with confidence you can definitely pull it off.

Which Brand Wore This Well: Most! Most of the brands worked this in without making it look too bold.
Which Brand Didn't Wear This Well: Barely any. Take a look through the collection for inspiration and tips on how to wear this colour.

Funky Florals

Are we surprised to see this trend pop up? No? Didn't think so!

Florals have now appeared so many times for the S/S period they're now considered to be a staple piece. I wasn't surprised to see these pop up in TGC! One Way, bonica dot, chesty, TWNROOM, LIZ LISA and Khaju were just some of the brands to feature this summer staple item.

To be honest, you can't go wrong with florals! They're girly and sweet and will always crop back up year after year. My only recommendation is to ensure that the floral pattern itself doesn't look as though it came off your granny's curtains!

Which Brand Wore This Well: I loved TWNROOM's combonation of trends : it worked really well and looked bright and fresh!
Which Brand Didn't Wear This Well: I was a little disappointed by LIZ LISA's contribution. The pattern looked unsettingly similar to my granny's pyjamas!

Other trends I noticed were maxi dresses (which are now becoming a summer staple), short front and long back skirts (a carry over from the current trend but will it stand the test of time) and pastels which may fade out as spring ends.

The next Tokyo Girls Collection A/W Collection will be held on October 13th at the Saitama Super Arena. See the report for this Tokyo Girl's Collection here!

Which trend are you looking forward to seeing this summer?

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  1. WOW WOW!!! Lovely "Abbey Dawn" brand collection!
    Is much more for me! The cutest brands don't suits me, hahaha
    Lovely blog dear!

    1. The Abbey Dawn collection is really nice, I was actually really impressed by it. I like how its more on the... darker edge of fashion but without having too many dark colours. The red was a really nice touch; I enjoyed seeing it.

      Thank you, your blog is even cuter lovely <3

  2. That looks interesting.

    thanks for the comment at my blog.

    1. I really love Tokyo Girls Collection~

      Not a problem, I really love your blog! The layout always really sticks in my mind. I've come across it a few times actually and every time I've instantly recognised your blog. (Also I'm really jealous of your clothes but sssh, thats a secret!)

  3. thank youu :3
    Just gotta love your posts, they're really informative and cute! love the liz liza skirt on the first picture

    1. Thank you! I have one or two less informative posts scheduled so I don't stuff too much information in your head before going back on it.

      It's a really interesting skirt although I'm not too sure how practical it would be in the long term. I'd still love it if they started popping up everywhere though.


  4. Love Beams and the Cecil McBee rain coat is gorgeous! My overall favourite has to be the Chesty dress.

    1. The Cecil McBee rain coat is so lovely, I really want it.

      Thank you very much for the comment, it means a lot!