Wednesday, 15 February 2012

15 Popular Gyaru Brands

Whilst gyaru will wear almost any brand there are some which are popular in different types of sub-styles. Each brand brings something different to gyaru style. I've put a 'popular with' section but it doesn't mean that those types of gyaru will always wear these brands but I have seen a few gyaru from that sub-style wearing clothes from them.

1. Alba Rosa

Any gyaru worth her salt will have heard of Alba Rosa. The brand famously shut doors in 2005 after sales began to decline due to a bad street image caused due to manba and other unruly gyaru. The store reopened its doors at a later date luckily. Their hibiscus print is very well known.

Popular with: Manba, Gyaruo.

2.Cecil McBee

Cecil McBee is one of the most popular gyaru brands. Whatever they put out the gyaru rush out to buy it and it is often the highest selling brand within 109.

Popular with: Most gyaru!

3. Cocolulu

Cocolulu is famous for their cheerful colours and their cheerful style. The clothes are unique yet versatile enough to fit into numerous sub-styles of gyaru as well as gyaru-kei.

Popular with: Amekaji, Manba, B-Gal

4. d.i.a.

Despite not having a online store this brand continues to be popular with gaijin gyaru and agejo! The store has some pretty unique jewellery and very sexy clothing!

Popular with: Tsuyome, Agejo, B-Gal, Onee-gyaru
No online store

5. Egoist

A store that is very popular with gyaru. It will often showcase the season's essentials so they're definitely not to be overlooked!

Popular with: Mode, Onee-gyaru, Agejo, Gyaru-kei


The brain child of ex-ViVi model Ena Matsumoto, this brand focuses particularly on Mode. The store itself manages to look effortlessly cool and chic.

Popular with: Mode

7. Galaxxxy

With it's bright colours it's hard not to stand out in this brand. Whilst it may not have originally been set up as a strictly 'gyaru' store, the gyaru still flocked to it.

Popular with: Manba, Tsuyome, B-Gal, Gyaru-kei

8. Gilfy

Determined to make gyaru look cute and sexy, Gilfy knows exactly what gyaru want. It's one of the brands you've most definitely heard of if you've researched a little into gyaru.

Popular with: Gyaru-kei, Mode, Agejo

9. GOLDS Infinity

Despite being almost a call-back to the early 2000s GOLDS Infinity has still proved to be popular with gyaru. And why wouldn't it be, with it's lace and the ever-daring leopard prints?

Popular with: Agejo, Gyaru-kei

10. Jesus Diamante

Looking for all things girly, sugary and sweet? Jesus Diamante will most likely have something for you but watch out for the price tag. Being a princess has a hefty price tag.

Popular with: Himegyaru

11. La Pafait

Slightly more affordable than Jesus Diamante, La Pafait is another super girly brand. It sells everything from clothing to super cute cigarette lighters!

Popular with: Himegyaru

12. Lip Service

Not to be confused with the non-gyaru American store of the same name, Lip Service radiates coolness. It's hard not to look the epitome of fashionable when wearing this brand.

Popular with: Agejo, Mode, Gyaru-kei

13. Liz Lisa

This brand has recently exploded with popularity and is adored by a lot of gyaru. The style is very sweet without overstepping into Himegyaru too much. Perfect for people who like girly clothes but without wanting to overdose on pink.

Popular with: Kogal, Gyaru-kei, Himegyaru

14. MA*RS

Popular with the Agejo gyaru, this brand definitely has unique clothing that will make you stand out. Everything is really cute but with that slightly sexy edge.

Popular with: Agejo

15. tutuHA

Despite not being the biggest brand tutuHA has captured the mind of gyaru. With it's own slightly rougher and less than perfect side it's nice embracing the rock side once in awhile.

Popular with: Rokku

So what do you think? Are any of these 15 brands one of your favourites or was that brand saved for another post? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Hahaha! I am not gyaru, but I love all these brands all the same!

    1. Me too! I'm particularly fond of Liz Lisa but I also really like Emoda and Murua (which I forgot to mention!)

      Are there any other brands you like? :)