Monday, 28 July 2014

Moshi Moshi Tokyo

Whilst not exactly gyaru, I often find myself fondly looking over to Kyarypamyupamyu for fashion inspiration from time to time. If I'm bored of my current style and wanting to jazz it up a little I find myself looking at her for inspiration and you have to admit her music videos are totally cute (if not a little crazy)!

In order to coincide with Hyper Japan which was over the weekend over here in the UK, Kyary's team has released a nifty app called Moshi Moshi Tokyo which allows you to see Tokyo through Kyary's eyes. The French version was released to coincide with Japan Expo in Paris. It allows you to 'visit' stores such as 6% DokiDoki, Milk, etc. as she takes you on a tour around her favourite spots in Harajuku.

The app is really simple and pretty fun. It gives a nice insight to some stores that I would normally look over such as JYDA. It's really simple to use and reminds me of a magazine that I might pick up. The photography is gorgeous and Kyary is super cute as usual.

If you're interested you can download it from iTunes.

Stay sweet! ♥

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Liz Lisa A/W 2014 : New Fancy Girl

Off the back of Swankiss' A/W Collection, Liz Lisa have offered a preview of their own collection. Liz Lisa is one of the leaders in sweet and roma gyaru styles and appeals to the non-gyaru market through the use of their sweet and girlish approach to fashion. As always, this has carried over to their A/W collection.

The name of their A/W 2014 collection is 'New Fancy Girl' and envelops the retro girly look that's set to be a big trend in the upcoming season whilst staying with their recognisable Liz Lisa brand. Tartan, floral prints, flared skirts and muted colours are the main points of this collection. It's not overly girly and sweet compared to Swankiss' collection which is a nice surprise!

The key colour trends of this collection are:

♥ Red
♥ Rose Pink
♥ Dusty Green
♥ Brilliant Blue
♥ Bordeaux
♥ Navy

The collection also includes the classic A/W fabric choices such as tweed, corduroy, knitwear, quilting, etc. which is perfect for the cooler weather!

Looking at the 60s trend that is sweeping the current collections there are definitely a few pieces inspired by this time period in the Liz Lisa collection. However, I feel like Liz Lisa didn't quite hit the mark with these. They were close but no dice.

I really feel like the last one is hideous as it's so frumpy! It's definitely 60s but not glam; it feels like something my gran would have worn!

This collection will be available from 26th July instore with further pieces to be added.

Stay sweet! ♥

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Monday, 21 July 2014

Swankiss A/W 2014 : Poo Doll

It's a fact that I've never been fond of summer fashion. It's so boring and every year it's the same trends that come in and out. Sometimes a girl just wants to wear something with cute sleeves without burning up whenever the great British sunshine decides to come out and play! I'm growing bored of the same old floral summer S/S prints so I'm deadly excited to see that stores are slowly but surely bringing out their A/W collections.

First up is Swankiss.

The name of their A/W 2014 is Poo Doll. As in 'poodle' but it's a very questionable name in English! I don't think it quite gives off the cute and kitsch retro gal theme that they're looking for! A+ for effort Swankiss, you tried! It just didn't quite work.

60s and retro styles are set to be huge in Autumn & Winter and Swankiss takes this and adds their own girly flair to it. Pearls? Check. Lace? Check. Flared skirts? Check. The collection also includes muted versions of our favourite pastel colours and has a variety of prints.

In some ways, this collection reminds me of a cross between Liz Lisa and KOKOkim. Shibuhara and sweet/roma gyaru can both take pieces from this collection so it'd be interesting to see how both subcultures choose to style these pieces. It's something to keep a watch on and to take inspiration from for sure!

It's very interesting how they've chosen to interpret the 60s. Instead of the bold reds and polka dots I often see from Western designers choosing to emulate this style it's refreshing. Mauve is nicer on the eyes.

The collection is available to preorder from the Swankiss website.

Stay sweet! ♥

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Cutesy Kink & Fake Liz Lisa

Recently I wrote about a Liz Lisa dress of dubious authenticity that I picked up at MCM Expo from Cutesy Kink. I'd been speaking to a friend who said she'd seen some Liz Lisa dresses and no matter what fashion style I decide I currently am, I will always have a weakness for Liz Lisa.

Liz Lisa is my kryptonite.

I saw this particular dress on the Cutesy Kink stand and snapped it up at a size M which I was assured would fit a UK size 10. It wasn't until later I realised I'd very stupidly misread the label and it wasn't Liz Lisa, but instead Liya Lisa. I'd been chatting to the gentleman who was operating the stand and he never once corrected me labelling the dress as Liz Lisa.

For those who are unfamiliar with Liya Lisa, they are well known for being an indicator of Liz Lisa replicas. For more information please see here.

I've tried locating which particular collection this dress came from but without much luck. It seems to have come from one of the A/W collections as it's a very warm dress! Although this could be from one of Liya Lisa's own collections as they legally operate their own stores in China, where copyright laws are notoriously lax.

Truthfully, there was some giggling when I realised that Liya Lisa had stores and were operating legally. It seems a little surreal!

Picture taken from Liya Lisa's website

That's not the biggest salt in the wound.

Searching 'Liya Lisa' on Taaobao brings up tons of Liz Lisa like dresses with none being more than 200 yuan.

200 yuan is the equivalent of £18.85

I could buy at least 2 of these dresses and shipping for how much Cutesy Kink charged for one dress. Nice mark up.

Lessons I've Learnt

I've learnt that ultimately, check the label before buying anything instead of believing what people tell you. Whilst the English website of Cutesy Kink will reduce the headache of shopping services, browsing in Chinese, etc. it's really not worth the price tag.

Stay sweet! ♥

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Tuesday, 8 July 2014


For the first time in what feels like forever I had an excuse to dress up and make myself look pretty. It was my cousin's birthday party and she threw a big night out for us girls. It was nice to let my hair down on Newcastle's Quayside and just let all of my worries go for a short while. I only stayed out until 10:30pm though because I ended up too drunk; to be fair I'd been drinking since 4pm!

I'm not a tank!

It was really busy because there had been horse races throughout the day so there were a lot of people to have a good time with. I got to dance and ended up laughing until my cheeks hurt. ♥

Enough of my rambling: here's my look!

I kinda wanted to go a rokku eye look but it doesn't feel like it transfers well without circle lenses. I've been avoiding wearing them recently until my optician says it's okay for me to wear them again after I was in a lot of pain at MCM Expo so forgive me TwT

The dress is one I stole from my cousin because none of my clothes fit me at the moment; everything's too big!

At one point we stopped near the Millenium Bridge for photos. I'm the palest person there!

My cousin brought her mum along as well as my mum and friends so they wouldn't feel lonely.

Which reminds me...

Look at this drink!

The table was wet from people spilling their drinks. Mine included. I feel so bad.

But this tasted exactly like candyfloss! I think I'd die if I could drink these all day without any consequences. It was a little sickly sweet but so yummy!

How do you guys like to let your hair down? Let me know!

Stay sweet! ♥

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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Too Old?!

As a young lady in her 20s I always wonder, "Am I too old to wear this?" I sometimes look at my comfy old Twinkle Bat jumper from the very brief phase where I decided I too could be Kyarypamyupamyu and think, "At 22 maybe I shouldn't wear this anymore..."

It feels like I should we wearing my trendy bodycon dresses and safe shirts I often see girls of my age wearing. Bodycon dresses are everywhere as they're in fashion and when I see girls wearing them I always assume that they're older than me. Maybe I shouldn't wear my sweet styled clothes with their girly trims and lace and maybe I should settle down in jeans.

But, you know what?


I'll wear my Twinkle Bat jumper if I want to and I'll look great.

Your age shouldn't stop you from wearing what you're comfortable in and what you like. In a world where the media attempts to dictate what we should wear because it's fashionable and where society has certain expectations of us, it's important to be able to express yourself. Clothes are a form of self expression. If we can't express ourselves and let the world know who we are then what kind of place are we living in?

I recently realised that I was allowing society to dictate what I wore and my age dictate what clothes I wore. That's not good at all!

Take a look at Mao-chan. She looks fabulous and wears what she wants without caring about what others perceive her. She's over 50 years of age. If a lady in her 50s can wear what she wants and look absolutely fantastic whilst doing so, why can't you?

The models in gyaru magazines are older and still look fabulous. Sakurina and Momoeri are in their 30s and the sweetheart Tsubasa Masuwaka is coming up to the big 3-0. Yet they're still wearing what they want and they rock it.

You're only as old as you feel. Of course I don't recommend going outside wearing a diaper and pacifier at any age above being a toddler but there's nothing on this earth that's stopping you from wearing what you want. If you're enjoying yourself and feel comfortable then there's no reason to stop.

After all, you only get to live once. Best do it whilst looking fantastic, right?

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