Thursday, 17 April 2014


You know what's fun? I'll tell you what's fun. Declaring your eternal, undying love to a musical artist of a genre you once said you'd never, ever like is fun.

Meet Mizkai.

"Mizkai begun life as a Petri-dish of sugar solution in a secret laboratory nestled somewhere in the quaint British countryside.
A life-form created from a chemical compound recovered from the furthest reaches of space, destined to one day awaken and brainwash the populace with cute hypnotic lo-fi soundscapes using archaic handheld consoles."

Mizkai is a UK based artist who specialises in chiptune. Whilst it's not a genre for everyone Mizkai brings something to it that I quite haven't experienced whilst listening to other chiptune artists: she brings fun. In an array of sparkles and a fashion style that's in your face she brings down beats that I didn't even know a Gameboy was capable of making.

Seriously if music on the games were like this years ago we'd have all been hooked. Imagine our parents trying to pry the consoles from us. Oh, the horror.

Mizkai is fortunate enough to have played in various places throughout Europe ranging from the UK to Belgium. It's easy to see why. With her psychedelic and fun beats pounding in your head it's easy to let go and just have fun dancing complete nonsense. Who cares if you look like a idiot at her gigs? Hey, the guy dancing next to you is probably going wilder than you are!

If an artist is able to inject their personality and fun into their work then they're definitely worth watching. Gone are the days of playing tragic solos on the violins! It's a new, electronic age now.

Even if chiptune isn't your thing I'd still recommend at least giving the girl behind the music a sliver of your time. Mizkai produces her own handmade accessories that are seriously adorable. Or full of attitude. Even both.

She also does chiptune remixes of Kyarypamyupamyu. It's something that you probably didn't know you wanted.

Mizkai @ Bandcamp
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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Dreamy Bows

Whilst browsing on Tumblr I came across a store that catered to hime and lolita fashion, Dreamy Bows. I've never worn lolita because I personally feel like the style wouldn't suit me and I haven't got the guts to even think of dressing myself in Jesus Diamante but I decided to take a browse around the store anyway. It wouldn't hurt, right?


I ended up blowing far too much money there!

As a UK based importer of Japanese brands I found some surprises there. They stock from DreamV, Chocomint, Angelic Pretty, Dolly Wink, Diamond Lash... I could go on. I had been looking at a pair of shoes that I used to see on DreamV (ironically I can't see them on the store anymore so perhaps they were removed since...) but I had stopped myself from buying them due to sizing issues. DreamV actually had a size chart that broke the sizes down into UK sizes.

Did I crumble and buy them? Oh yes.

Was it worth it?


The package arrived within two days and everything was securely wrapped. The shoes themselves came in a cute pink and white plastic bag and were in perfect condition. They even had a Dreamy Bows tag attached to them around the heart shaped heel so it was really easy to remove.

I was really surprised at how quickly they arrived and the size of the box they came in!

The website recommends going one size lower because the shoes are big fitting. I have awkward feet at a UK size 5.5 so I'm forced to usually wear a size 5 or 6. I bought the size L shoes and I promise you that they fit fine. There's even a little room should my big old feet decide they should want to grow.

Honestly, I thought these shoes were going to be a pain to keep on and uncomfortable. I've always had problems with slip on shoes but I've been lusting after these shoes forever so I was willing to deal with those problems. Surprisingly I've never once had these shoes slip off my feet. I've walked up hills in them, I've jumped around with them, I've stumbled around in them and they've always remained on my feet even with cute frilled socks on!

They're also surprisingly comfortable. I had heard that Japanese shoes had extra padding and were more contoured to the foot previously but I had always brushed this off because I've heard a lot of brands say that and fail to deliver.

These actually did. I didn't get any blisters from them and I had no sore feet despite wearing these shoes for hours at a time. I have extraordinarily weak ankles so I fall a lot and I never once fell over with these.

I'd honestly buy from Dreamy Bows again just because of how fast and convenient the shipping was and the fact that they convert shoe sizes for me. They also sell accessories, make-up, wigs, etc. I've actually purchased Chocomint accessories from them and they're exactly as pictured.

The top 5 things on my wishlist are as below:

Curly Split Wig - Honey x Brown
Diamond Lash - Dolly Eye
Dual Strap Lace Bag - Boston Brown
Rose & Pearl Heart Heels - Pink
Super Long Taro Wig - Brown Blend

If you're a lolita they also stock Angelic Pretty items which I know can be a pain importing.

Stay sweet!

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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Cosplay Preview: Mirai Kuriyama

In a few weeks it will be another convention down on my con schedule. Scary!

They're always so stressful to get ready for even if you're not cosplaying like I am. I'm currently running around like a headless chicken all, "I won't be ready in time! What do I do? I'm going to be left in trouble!"

Actually, this convention has had a lot of bad sides for me so far but I hope that just means the event itself is extra good.

One of the characters I'm cosplaying as is Mirai Kuriyama from Kyoukai no Kanata. I actually didn't like the series but by the end I was crying like a little baby. After some decision I decided that I too could be as cute as Mirai.

Have some teasers below!

Camwhoring is fun when you look cute~

The outfit is actually super warm and comfy, I think I might die from overheating! But it's better to be warm than cold.

The circle lenses I'm wearing for her are EOS New Adult Brown. Her eyes are more of a light brown than yellow so I wanted lenses which would reflect that and these do a pretty nice job of it! Even if I did put them in backwards originally!

Stay sweet! ♥

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Sunday, 9 March 2014

5 Circle Lens Tips

Having finally been bitten by the bug that are circle lenses, I thought it would be useful for both you guys and myself if I did a post on them.

Aka, circle lens safety.

It’s easy to say that you know everything about them already but I was horrified recently when I learnt that one of my friends had taken the lenses straight out of the glass vial and into her eye. I think that once you’ve worn them for a certain amount of time it’s easy to get complacent and think that you can bypass certain things.

1. Visit your optician to make sure your eyes are suitable.

This is important since you might not have a base curve that works well with lenses.

If you’re like me and have had laser eye surgery it’s even more important as the surgery can alter your eye. Even if you’ve been able to wear lenses beforehand it might have changed so it’s important to get it checked. I went to see my optician before even purchasing my lens just to make sure that my eyes would be suitable.

So yes, visiting your optician is very important! Otherwise you could be risking your eyesight and to be frank, it’s not worth it.

2. Buy your lenses from a trusted source.

There are lots of reliable sellers out there but remember you always get what you pay for. Cheaper lenses could be damaging to your eyes or even fakes which would cause eye damage.

GEO Medical is a good brand to start looking at as they have an anti-fake system which means that your lenses will be 100% legit and not fakes. Other reputable stores include Pinky Paradise and Honey Color.

3. Keep track of expiration dates.

This is super important! Putting out-dated contact lenses into your eyes risks damaging them. I change the cases of mine every six months and keep the expiration dates in a notebook next to where all of my lenses are stored so I know which ones I can throw out. Mine run out in October so I’ll stop using them mid-September just in case.

4. Put the lenses in before your make-up and with clean hands.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to make sure you have clean eyes when handling lenses! You don’t want a horrible eye infection ruining your looks, do you?

If you put your lenses in after putting your make-up on not only do you risk ruining your make-up but you also risk getting make-up onto the lenses and then into your eyes. Uh-oh, that’s bad!

5. If they hurt, take them out.

I can’t stress the importance of this! It’s really important because if it hurts it could mean there’s something wrong. Always listen to what your body is telling you. I was once in a photoshoot and my eyes were starting to hurt really badly and I ended up walking off set to take them off. Everyone totally understood because your vision is important.

If they hurt, take them out and use artificial tear eyedrops to help soothe them. After an hour or so my eyes felt normal again and it had no effect on my vision.

To summarise:
1. Visit your opticians to make sure your eyes are suitable.
2. Buy your lenses from a trusted source.
3. Keep track of expiration dates.
4. Put the lenses in before your make-up and with clean hands.
5. If they hurt, take them out.

Stay sweet!

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