Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Magic & ...Airports? : Disneyland Paris 2012 Day One

As you all know I went to Disneyland for my 20th birthday! It was so much fun but really tiring. I'm going to split each day into its own seperate post because otherwise the posts would be really picture heavy.

Day 1 was my birthday and the day we had to travel.


Just the way I wanted to spend my birthday! The flight was okay but the guy who was supposed to pick us up at the airport didn't! I ended up outside crying because I didn't know how to get there since the underground line was shut but we caught the very, very last bus into Disneyland. PHEW.

We stayed at Hotel New York. It was so lovely and the theming was fantastic. The staff were so lovely and the hotel even had its own ice-rink.


I really loved it here and everyone was so helpful and put up with my 9 million stupid questions, "IS THERE A PAYPHONE? THE PAYPHONE ISN'T WORKING WHERE IS MY LUGGAGE HOW DO WE EVEN GET OUT OF THIS HOTEL LOL."

This was our room~ It was so cosy!

The bathroom was HUGE too, this is maybe a third of it?

We also had a lakeside view and a patio door so we could go outside. We were right next to the Disney Village where all the food was! Hooray for delicious food!

Also, the hot air balloon was on the lake right outside our window. I wanted to go on it really bad...

We went to go for food later and we found this little yellow taxi outside; one of the hotel staff took our photo even though it was dark haha.

Funnily enough this was the WRONG door and we had to actually leave via the door at the other side of reception. We walked halfway along before realising that haha...

When we got to the village this was the sight that we saw. It was so lovely! The village also had music playing and loads of restaurants and shops and it was so nice.

We ate at Annette's Diner that night and the food was really bad and we didn't really enjoy it. It was okay... it was cheap by Disneyland standards.

Then we went back to the hotel room and slept for like, 5 hours.

You can view day 2 here!


  1. wow, it's so cool that you got to go to disneyland for your birthday! i've never been yet, but it looks so magical ;v;).

    1. It was so much fun! I saved up a lot just to be able to go and I'm so glad I did.
      You'll definitely have to go one day! <3

  2. Everything looks so magical! I want to go to disney!

  3. i wish i could go there and have a look it look fun for me :( haven been there before *so sad* anywhere nice blog :)

    1. It's really fun! Maybe you can go one day in the future, don't give up on going!
      Thank you. :)