Friday, 28 February 2014

Born Pretty Wishlist

Today I want to speak to all of you guys about a webstore I discovered. I’m always on the lookout for cheap but pretty accessories so I think I hit the jackpot with Born Pretty!

I made a wishlist just from the things I saw in their accessories section.

1. Multi Pearl Stretch Bracelet, £2.99
Once upon a time I used to wear a really similar style of bracelet to this. I broke it and could never find something similar without all of the bows on for a cheap price so I’m really pleased to see this.

2. Vintage Flowers Fake Collar Necklace, £5.95
Look at this. Look at it. Do you see how lovely it is? I’d expect to see something like this retailing at £10 in a high street store so this is a bargain. It’s such a statement piece! I think this is my favourite out of everything!

3. Lacy Bracelet Wavy Patterned Chain Link Ring, £2.03
I thought this was really pretty and it caught my eye. I think this would be a lovely statement piece on a simple dress. The bow makes it look really girly and feminine too and it would totally stand out from the crowd. It’s c-u-t-e!

4. Luxury Ring Exaggerated Retro Bejewelled Design, £1.79
How can this ring be so cheap? It looks really expensive and expensive and it’s totally not! I’m all about statement pieces recently and can you imagine showing this off? It’d look lovely with a little black dress or a vintage kind of outfit.

5. Beautiful Shell Rhinestone Jewellery Tibet Silver Bracelet, £2.99
This really caught the eye of my inner geek. I’m sure we’ve all heard of Game of Thrones and this bracelet reminded me of Daenerys Targaryen, aka Khaleesi. I’m sure all of the female fans have wanted to be a khaleesi at some point so I think this is perfect. Once again it’s like, at a fraction of the price that I would expect it to be. You could say this is totally fit for a princess. Or you know, a khaleesi.

6. Star Décor Anklet, £1.79
I’m usually not the kind of person to wear anklets but this caught my eye. It doesn’t completely stand out but it looks delicate and the stars are a nice touch. You could wear this in a girly outfit or a bit more of a ‘rock’ style in my opinion. At that price I can’t exactly grumble.

7. Full Rhinestone Rhythm Pendants Music Note Necklace, £1.79
This is really sweet and not so stand out that it’d like, completely overwhelm an outfit. It looks really delicate and could be worn in a lot of styles I think! If something can be worn in a lot of styles and is cheap it’s a definite bargain in my opinion!

8.Cute Leaf Shaped Hair Pin, £2.60
I don’t think I can stop calling things from this store ‘cute’! Once again I found something really cute and it’s in my favourite colour! It’s a lot different from the stereotypical flower hairpins so it’s a unique piece.

9.Vintage Elegant Camellia Flower Necklace, £2.35
I chose this because it’s not as expensive as the collar I saw earlier and it looks similar to some items I saw at Tatty Devine once. At a snip of the cost, as usual.

The total of my wishlist is £24.28 but with the 10% discount it’s only £21.85 with free shipping!

I’m really impressed!

Huh, but what I hear you ask? 10% discount?

That’s right!

Born Pretty Store were kind enough to e-mail me a discount code for my readers when I let them know I was going to be doing a piece on them. That’s super generous of them.

The discount code is…


If you apply it at checkout you’ll get a 10% discount which is always really handy. With free shipping too you can’t complain.

I think when payday rolls around I’ll definitely have to indulge myself.

Stay sweet! ♥

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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

DreamV Quality Review

Blog reader Jessica gave me the idea to do a post on how some of the clothing I purchased from DreamV looked as compared to the website.

As always, I purchased these products with my own money.

The last two items I purchased from DreamV were these two dresse in Smoky Blue and Beige. The blue dress is super sweet and I think it stands out more in the blue than the pink.

With DreamV you definitely get what you pay for. The clothing is super cute but they're often cheaply made. You sacrifice nice materials for affordable prices.

Apologies for the pictures, it was raining outside on my free day so getting nice lighting was a pain.

The material is opaque and wrinkles really easily! It's a pain to keep nice. The skirt is thankfully not as opaque but because it's gathered it creases really easily due to the fabric.

Funnily enough, when you wear the dress it looks much nicer, not as opaque and a lot of the creases and wrinkles just... disappear.

Magic fabric?

Who knows...

The buttons sometimes look a little crooked. As you can see, they're not secured on with thick thread and have only a little to keep it secured onto the dress.

I find this to be standard for all DreamV products.

Nonetheless, the buttons have not come off any of my dresses from them yet so I guess they're studier than they look!

I think this picture has the best representation of the colour of the dress. The sleeves are incely sewn on.

One of my bows is crooked but I think that's something I can fix myself.

The open holes on the sleeves are super cute!

This is the zipper on the inside of the beige dress. I'm not particularly happy about how it looks but because it's on the inside of the dress it won't be visible.

The fabric is also opaque, but not as much as the smoky blue dress that I showcased before.

As previously said, with DreamV you get what you pay for but the clothes always look so cute when worn! The pictures on their website are sometimes a little misleading on the quality of the goods. In addition some of their things are made nicer than others; the polka dot dress feels so much better than the others and isn't as opaque. It's a super cute dress too.

You can purchase directly from their webstore but I'd recommend knowing at least some Japanese. Overseas buyers have to confirm the shipping via email in Japanese.

As a note, as a UK buyer everytime I've ordered from them I've been hit by customs chargers so always factor the additional cost in. Both times, my charges were £20.00

Because I'm super vain and I found a part of my room that gives me gorgeous pictures provided I lay down and add the filter I showed you guys about, here's a bonus picture of me.

As long as it makes me look pretty, I'm not moving from here okay??

See you guys soon!

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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Liz Lisa March Novelty Items

As someone who lusts over the feminine edge of Liz Lisa, one of my favourite things to do is to check out the 'novelty' items that they release each month. They're usually super cute and make their way onto my 'wanted' list.

The first item of the list would be this gorgeous rose themed bath set. I think it'd look really pretty in any bathroom.

The price? ¥30000 aka £175.62 aka $293.19

Looking pretty has a pretty price tag if you're a bathroom.

Next up is their rose themed room wear set. Pretty and girly, this is standard of Liz Lisa in my opinion. I'm almost surprised to see it come up as a 'novelty' item!

The price tag is ¥15000 (£87.81 or £146.59)

It's a cute room wear set but I'm not sure if it's quite worth that much.

Lastly, but certain not least, is this pretty rose themed storage box. It could be used to store jewellery etc. and I think it's realy lovely. I'd love to have this sitting in the corner of my room.

The price tag is ¥20000 (£117.08 or $195.46)

It's a cute box but I think it's completely out of my price range!

The rose print is lovely and I can definitely see why people would buy these. As for myself, I'll skip. As much as I love Liz Lisa I'm going to draw my purse strings tight.

What about you guys? Would you buy any of these?

Stay sweet!

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Cotton Candy Filter

I've had some people query which filter I use on my photos and I thought I'd show you guys how to od it. Although there's probably an easier way to do it on photoshop, I'm totally in love with how I can do this on my phone and on the go.

It makes your photos look sweet and gives a cuter look to your photo. You could almost say it's like Cotton Candy.

1. First you need a phone. I have an iPhone so it was super easy for me to go onto the app store and download the appropriate app; Camera360 Ultimate. The app itself is by a Chiense developer and is totally free. They update it constantly which makes it an app you absolutely 100% must have on your phone!

An interesting note is that the developers have an app called Pink360 which is a photography app configured to the filters and styles that girls usually use on pictures. However I prefer Camera360.

2. The next step is to import your picture into the app. The app does allow you to snap directly from it but I prefer importing my picture. When you load the app it'll give you an option to do so.

When it's loaded it'll show a interface like below.

3. From here, go into Edit and then Face Fix. It will bring up 3 options and click Quick Fix. It will bring up a few filters; click the Sweet filter which gives it a really nice colour and helps to correct any skin flaws and click Apply.

4. Once that filter is applied once again go into the Face Fix feature and instead of clicking the same option as before click the Effects. It will do another face scan and show dots on your face that you align. You can manually place and adjust these if needed.

5. Once again it's time to apply another filter. Click the 'Sweet' filter again and it will give an option this time to change the intensity of the filter. What you choose depends on the photo.

The below photo has a 3 strength.

You can finish here or you can keep going if you like brighter images as opposed to softer images.

6. Once the second Sweet filter is applied, go back to the menu and select Adjust. This will bring up a menu with several different options. Click the Saturation option.

7. The intensity of the saturation depends on the photo. For the below image I decided to make the colours 'pop'.

8. We're done! Time to save! Apply the Saturation option and then click the 'Save' button at the top left of the app. This will bring you to another menu along the bottom of the app. Click 'Export' and it will ask what file size you'd like to save as. I recommend saving as High Definition.

The photo will be saved.

It's such a sweet filter that helps to enhance what you have that I couldn't resist sharing with you all.

Stay sweet. ♥

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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Birthday Wishlist

With my birthday rapidly approaching I thought it'd be super cute to do a wishlist of sorts. A girl can dream, can't she? Sadly I'm pretty sure I know what I'm getting and it's none of these things but I'll definitely be going for them in the future.

What am I getting instead? Uh... a gaming mouse and a new gaming headset to play League of Legends with. I'm a total girly girl, okay? (They're not even pink...)

1. Naked 3 I survived the hype surrounding Naked. I fell in love with Naked 2. With the softer pinks of Naked 3 I declare this an essential to my make-up bag. Every time I've popped by my local store to purchase it the palette has been out of stock. Next time I'll be lucky!

2. Mermaid Honey Do I look good with blonde hair? Nope. Isn't going to stop me from wanting to wear a lighter hair colour so I thought that this would be a nice substitute. I've been lusting after this for awhile but I just haven't made the commitment. Yet.

3. Etude House Etoinette Heart Blusher My current favourite blush is coming to the end of it's life and I've been looking for something pink to replace it. When this caught my eye I decided that this was the one. I don't even know if I'd use it as opposed to how pretty it'd look on my dressing table but it's so pretty that I can't help but want it.

4. Geo Princess Mimi (Bambi Series) Lenses I've lusted after these lens for the longest time. Between these and the Sesame Green I decided that one of these two pairs would absolutely be my first set of circle lens. Were they? No. Oops.

5. Heart Choker I'm still madly in love with the choker trend that swept the fashion world by storm. Instead of something over the top and gaudy, something cute but plain like this would be a lovely touch to any outfit.

6. Whiplash Look at these. Look at them. They're ridiculously cute and the mint green is on trend for the pastel trend of spring. Girly and cute, these need to be in my shoe collection.

7. Wreck this Journal by Keri Smith I've been sighing and coming back to this over and over again but since I'm not a particularly creative person I'm too stubborn to allow myself to buy it. I still want it. Will I do it? Probably not.

8. Art Supplies This links to the last thing. Not being a particularly creative or talented person whatever art supplies I did have are wrecked. I'm pretty sure I only have some beads, wire, jewelry hooks and pink spray paint left. I wonder what sort of masterpiece I could create with those, huh?

9. Candy Doll Face Powder This is my holy grail of face powders. I haven't used anything that has kept my skin looking as matte as it does and sets my makeup quite as well. I'm probably going to cry when my current stash of it runs out.

Tenth wish, you say?


Nice weather perhaps? I hate the cold!

Stay sweet! ♥

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Friday, 14 February 2014

Exciting Times

Wow, can you believe I've had that super girly pink layout for the last two years? I can scarcely believe that time has flown over so quickly! There was one amendment to the header during that time so it's been pretty same old, same old.

But... as of today the cutesy pink layout is a thing of the past.

As of this day in 2014...

We have a brown and pink cutesy layout!

I think this is a time for celebration.

Recently, the second anniversary for the previous layout came by and I thought it was time for a change. Please let me know if you find any errors with the coding haha, especially if Comic Sans font is showing since I don't have it anyway but it seems to like popping up on my blog titles.

I have some really neat posts scheduled for you guys.

Talk to you soon! ♥

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