Sunday, 25 March 2012

Liz Lisa: Summer 2012

Hi guys! Long time no speak!

My internet has been acting up a little bit recently and it's very hard to stay connected, so I have been unable to blog. As a result I have a week's worth of blogging to catch up on so there will be no Blog of the Week this week. The series will resume next week! I've bought a new router which will hopefully be able to keep me connected instead of disconnecting every two minutes.

Today I want to show you my favourite picks from Liz Lisa's Summer 2012 collection!

Roses are a Girl's Best Friend!

...Well, if they are if you're a Liz Lisa type of girl. As I expected, the collection is full of roses, florals and everything else you can expect from Liz Lisa.

This is my favourite showcase of these. The bag, the skirt and even the rose buds in the hair all add to this. I particularly like the rose buds because it's incorporating that signature Liz Lisa style without being too overwhelming although I'm sure some people would find this too cute.

The skirt also stands out due to the hem of it. Statement skirts were big in Tokyo Girl's Collection and this particular style of skirt cropped up a lot.

The wedge shoes the girls are wearing are very prominent in this collection. They add height without half of the pain of heels! One of the pairs reminds me of a pair of shoes from New Look which I blogged about here!

Beautiful in Blue

I love seeing blue in Liz Lisa collections. A lot of people seem to associate the brand with florals, pinks, whites and brown so I always love when blue pops up in a collection!

The dress is really feminine and cute. I especially love the neckline on it as it just seems to give the dress that extra little bit of charm.

Once again, wedge shoes are used for this outfit and they compliment it really well. As the dress is pretty short, the addition of wedges makes her legs look much longer as well as being a very cute addition.

Not so Maxi...

This came as a surprise to me. For the past few years maxi dresses have bee a summer staple, particularly within Liz Lisa. Imagine my surprise when this is the longest dress in the collection; it's not even comparable to the dress in the spring collection!

The check print was also another surprise for me as it almost seems too bold for Liz Lisa. I would expect maybe a checked shirt or checked skirt but not a full maxi-esque dress. It's definitely one of the stand out pieces in the collection jsut for being so different.

The only criticism I have is that it vaguely looks like a pair of pyjamas I used to own; I think you would have to be quite brave to wear this out.

Relaxation is Key

I was quite pleased to see this. Sometimes I think people feel as though they need to dress up every day which you really don't. Or that t-shirts aren't 'gyaru' whereas Liz Lisa seems to think it is.

Both co-ordinates are really cute; the t-shirt is really nice and I am super happy to see dungarees as they were one of my favourite small trends last year!

I like both sets of shoes too but I'm not 100% convinced about those daisies...

To be honest I'm not 100% sure what I feel about this collection. A lot of it is very staple Liz Lisa-ish and they feel like I've seen them before, but others were very pleasant surprises! It's nice to see Liz Lisa trying not to be the same old cookie cutter attempts to remain what made them popular.

Comparing this collection with the spring collection, Love Pasterine I am a little disappointed! I was hoping the mint trend would keep up as it was a nice variety and I was hoping orange would sneak more into the collection as it is quite a summery colour.

If you would like to see the full collection you can see it here.

Tell me what you think of the collection! Yay or nay?


  1. Wow these outfits are cute...though I prefer their Spring collection a little more too.
    I think my favourite is the blue dress >w< It's just so fun and cute !

    1. I definitely prefer the spring collection just because it had a wider variety of outfits. Of course, the summer collection is nice too!
      It's super cute, I really want it haha!

  2. Yay yay! These outfits are so cute! I wish summer would come quicker ~^^~

  3. These outfits are adorable! : D I love the second dress!

    1. They are, the blue dress seems to be really popular!