Sunday, 20 May 2012


For an app that I didn't quite like at first I'm surprised at how much I use Instagram. It's sort of fun and some of the filters are really nice!

If you guys want to follow me, my username is claranee.

I painted my nails last week and over a week later they've only just started to chip. I'm impressed! They're not the neatest as I had to improvise with a dotting tool as mine never arrived in time and I had been wanting to do pink and white polka dots all week. I used... a Nintendo DS stylus instead hahaha.

My man came to visit me last weekend and we went to the beach. It was awful weather though when we got there so we only stayed there for an hour and left. This park is just opposite the fairground there, it's a HUGE park seriously.

We went back into town where it was sunny wtf. I tried this outfit on but in the end I didn't buy it. It reminded me a little too much of Tifa from Final Fantasy and I felt a little ridiculous. Plus it showed off too much tummy for me and I don't wanna have to constantly breathe in when wearing it haha.

Guess what I was doing yesterday~ (psst, the answer is reviews!). My lower lashes were being a pain to put on so in the end I gave up. Stupid annoying eyelashes.

Something that I noticed last week was that mini, a Japanese model, had finally released her debut album! I'm really, really excited because I had liked her singles and then apparently the album was cancelled, but in the end they released it. It's really good; I think some of you might like it!

Check out Hardcore Punin Sosu below~

Do you guys have Instagram? If so comment with your username so I can follow you!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Kitacon IV

A few weeks ago I went to a little convention in England called Kitacon down in Birmingham. I thought you guys might appreciate a blog post or something since I have some really interesting pictures to show you all!


I spent most of that day travelling! It was a 3 hour train ride and then another 30 minutes getting a connection just to get there so I was so tired. I met up with my man and everyone else (and whined terribly about being hungry because I hadn't eaten). Whilst I was waiting for my man I hung out with Emma and Lily, they're so awesome to hang out with!

Afterwards, we queued for our con badges and then shortly after my man and I went to sleep.


Friday was the day of the SLUT.

By slut, I mean despite covering myself up for the entire day the hotel staff did not appreciate my efforts and called me a slut.

Good going Hilton!

Excellent customer service right there, who wouldn't want to be called a slut in a hotel they're paying a fortune to stay in?

After that I stopped trying to cover up because apparently that wasn't enough for them.

On Friday, I was cosplaying as Inori from Guilty Crown! It was such a revealing outfit but the feedback I've had back has been phenomenal and it makes everything worth it!

Photos are by Martin Paterson.

Here's a photo by Tag who put up with me messing up all day!

After spending all day not being able to sit down I went and got changed for the party that night.

Someone actually approached me for a photo when I was with Elsie so I have a photo of my outfit! Shame I can't pull a nice face.

Photo is by Bento Dan.

All in all, the party was fairly nice (or at least what I remember of it was!) They played PONPONPON by Kyary which was really nice! I also vaguely remember I AM THE BEST by 2NE1 being played!

For some reason I left early but I'm not too sure why.


On Saturday I was cosplaying Mami Tomoe from Madoka Magica. I didn't really like this outfit but my friends made me feel really awesome.

Madoka is Sarah and our photographer (who had to deal with us being an idiot) was Fiona.

I was so exhausted, seriously. I got really drunk at the party because I didn't like the music and then missed one of the best sets at the party! I really can't comment too much though.

I'm so disppointed I didn't get a photo of my party outfit.

It was a little mode-esque~ I really like that style on me.


Sunday can be known as naptime. I got up, got changed, sat at the bar and fell asleep. I was literally exhausted and I just wasn't myself.

My man eventually took me for a proper nap and I got changed into my ball outfit: Princess Aurora!

Photos are by Jo.

I felt so pretty but still a little tired! The ball was really nice; I spent most of it being hauled outside for photos and teaching people how to waltz.

I'm sure I amused some people by being a drunken Aurora. I really don't have an alcohol tolerance!

Overall Kitacon was really nice and the perfect confidence boost I needed. Everyone I met was lovely and I can't wait to see everyone again!

On a fun note, check out this video by Nert. Sarah and I are in it as Madoka and Mami.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Skin Care Haul

Today I realised that I haven't done anything for my beauty regime in over a month. Seriously. No wonder my skin looks awful!

In order to restore balance I visited Superdrug today to pick up some basics. I can upgrade to nicer stuff later, I'm just in desperate need of something.

❥ The Beauty Parlour - Hand Lotion
❥ The Beauty Parlour- T Zone Oil Control Mattifying Moisturiser
❥ The Beauty Parlour - Body Butter
❥ The Beauty Parlous - Eye Eye Captain
❥ Tea Tree - Nose Strips
❥ Tea Tree - Cleansing Pads

The Beauty Parlour is Superdrug's own range of beauty care and to be honest, the packaging is what attracted me and made me put back my old products for these products.

Is there anything you gals would like to see reviewed? Let me know!

Friday, 11 May 2012

This is a Shocking Confession

It's that time of year. Summer.

Come here, let me tell you something. A little bit closer now, yeah? BOO.

I jest, I jest!

Here's a frank confession from me, something you maybe weren't expecting.


There, I said it. Got it off my chest; it's shameful isn't it?

I find that every year the same few summer trends come into fashion and it's just really boring after awhile!

  • Florals
  • Short Sleeved Tops
  • Shorts
  • Sandles
  • 'Floaty' types of dresses.
  • Maxi Dresses

    There are a couple of variations every year but it's really draining to see the same thing come back year after year. I want to spice up my wardrobe and look fabulous, not wear the same things year after year!

    It's really uninspiring.

    I put together a image showing a couple of brands. After awhile everything looks the same, right?

    After wading through hundreds of floral prints they all start to look like curtains or dining cloths or something. Why is it there is so much floral in the summer? I'd wear it in the winter in jumpers if I could! It'd brighten the day up!

    I'm going through a phase where I'm not liking my shoulders but loads of summer trends are dictating I must. What if there's some reason I can't? I don't want to look odd!

    A lot of trends this year have floral skirts with dip hems. Really? I mean I know floral is popular; is that why you mashed another trend up with it?

    I'm a little behind with gyaru fashion but this years trends seem to be flag print and tribal.

    Which looks lovely if you're tanned.

    When you're as pale as a ghost it's really dificult to pull off! I look ridiculous with a tan.

    To be honest I prefferred last years trends but whatever. Can I just sulk through summer, haha?

    Another summer trend is studs. Great if you're ora ora kei or rokku. Not so great if you're all about the sweeter side of gal.

    Maybe I'm becoming bitter in my old (see: twenty) age or maybe I'm tired of seeing the same stuff. I think I'm going to sit in a huff until Autumn.

  • Tuesday, 8 May 2012

    Casual Post

    Hello, gorgeous girls!

    I'm back from my slightly extended hiatus and I'm super stoked to be back. Today is going to be a really easy post whilst I get back into the swing of things; just three snaps I've taken on my travels.

    It's definitely not the most informative post I've done but I have a couple of nice treats lined up for you (including a rant post wtf!) If you want to follow my Instagram it's claranee, I'll be sure to follow you back!

    I'll definitely blog about Kitacon; the little snap of myself as Princess Aurora up there can serve as a teaser for you guys.

    See you later!