Sunday, 17 June 2012

Bye Bye Glasses!

Very soon, I will be having surgery and I may be unavailable to blog for a short while.

To be precise, I am having laser eye surgery.

I have needed to wear glasses to see long distance since I was 16 and they're definitely something I don't suit. They're a pain too; have you tried being at a concert wearing them? They also make wearing falsies a pain and rub your make-up off.

I went to a consultation at Optimax Express who ran some tests on me to see whether or not I'd be suitable; I'm pleased to say I am!

I'm get the LASIK procedure, which is the one where they make the corneal flap so my eyes will be really gross for a few days. There are two types of laser they can use, but due to my iris I am only suitable for the type that will heal any imperfections in my eye and remove my prescription.

Basically the normal iris in the eye is usually 5mm but mine are 8.4mm and 8.7mm haha.

I'm getting the flap created the mechanical way instead of the IntraLase way since it was sooooo much more expensive. I'm paying a pretty penny for what it is right now!

I'll keep you guys updated once I've had the procedure!

Something fun for you guys; during my consultation they put drops in my eyes to keep my pupils dialated. ...They were like this for hours. Have you tried looking into light and going shopping with dinner plate pupils?!

Until next time!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

100th Blog Post

Wow, I didn't expect to have a 100th blog post. Thank you all for making me want to blog enough to get to this stage! I honestly cannot thank all of my readers and followers enough. Thank you for sticking by me and this blog - without you guys this wouldn't have happened!

I was nominated for blog awards by Miss 6 and Sica for two blog awards. I thought that this would be a nice way to top off my 100th blog post.

I'm supposed to write 7 facts about myself so here goes.

1.) When I was 10 I was knocked over by a car. By a doctor. I sustained no injuries other than a sprained ankle and 10 years later it still collapses frequently when it's cold.

2.) Ayumi Hamasaki is my idol. I absolutely adore her and everything she does. I honestly don't know what sort of person I would be right now if I wasn't introduced to her when I was 13.

3.) I love reality television shows. Yes, those trashy shows. The more, the better in my opinion! It's my guilty pleasure.

4.) Although I have accepted that she cannot sing a word, I love Cheryl Cole and was pretty upset when I missed her concert tickets.

5.) I am not gyaru. I take inspiration from the style and I like writing about it. It's more exciting than UK fashion.

6.) I had 0 interest in make-up until I was 17 as I was more concerned with getting a good education for myself. I now have 3 make-up bags and the biggest collection of all of the women in my family.

7.) I still don't know where I am in terms of my personal style. I love girly, feminine styles but I seem to buy clothes for everything but that style.

I'm supposed to tag 15 other people but it's a Saturday and I am feeling lazy. Sorry, people!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Back to Edinburgh

Hey guys & gals!

I recently went up to Edinburgh again to visit my boyfriend. I absolutely adore that city, it's so nice! It was also really warm too so I didn't mind pottering up and down Prince's Street (which is a HUGE shopping street wtf I'm in heaven).

As I said it was super, duper warm so I did what everyone does when the weather is like that; wear a sun dress!

I've posted this picture a few places because I look so ~kaway uguu~ and this is a rare feat for me. No filters, the lighting in my room is just rubbish!

My nails have gotten so long wtf!

My code was as follows:

Dress: Lipsy
Bracelet: Primark
Necklace: No idea.
Shoes: No idea.

I later added a huge sun hat because it was so hot the sun was burning my head. It takes around an hour and a half by train to get to Edinburgh from my home town so by the time I got there it was super hot. I bought a sun hat and some floral hair pieces because they were cheap and cute haha.

Afterward we went shopping and ended up relaxing in Princes Street Gardens. It was so busy that day because everyone was outside wanting to enjoy the sun. I didn't burn though wtf, sun tan my legs.

Even when hot I will camwhore hahaha.

My poor boyfriend had the most unflattering shot of him ever taken because the sun was in his eyes. Don't tell him I posted this, okay?!

This is revenge for ruining my dress!!

After relaxing a little while we went back home so we could get ready for our night out on the tiles. Joe decided to mess around with my sun hat so I took a photo of him and made it ~kawayyy~.

What? Not kawaii enough, you say? How about this?

Much better hahah. Okay I'll stop shooping pictures of my boyfriend otherwise he'll get really mad at me!

After we got dressed he took me out for a romantic meal which wasn't very nice and then he chucked a chocolate pancake from me which ruined my dress! Luckily I had bought a new dress from River Island earlier that day so I went home and changed but I didn't have any accessories for it fml.

Dress: River Island
Bracelet: Primark
Bag: Irregular Choice
Shoes: Irregular Choice

We went to the Casino! It's so nice and cheapish in there but I didn't gamble because I'm a good girl.

The following day I kicked my boyfriend's arse at Soul Calibur. I'm really good at using Pyrrha and Pyrrha Omega but I'm also good with Tira and Leixia. I also made my own character! She has pink eyes and has the soul of Pyrrha.

He kept ripping her skirt off so she was fighting in her underwear, meanie.

We later went shopping (again). I bought a dress from Lipsy and a hair treatment from Lush (it works so good wtf) and some skin treatments from The Body Shop. We then met up with one of Joe's friends and relaxed a little.

When we were going to meet his friend I saw this.

Hahahahahahaha why is there a cow hanging out of the window WTFFFFFFFFFFF

I've never noticed it before!!

I didn't expect to see this wtf hahaha

I later had to go home which sucked. Two carriages on the train had no air con so the carriages where there was air con were crowded and smelly, yuck. We took a sea route back home though which was really nice.

& that concludes this trip to Edinburgh! I can't wait to go back, it's so nice up there. Everyone is super friendly and the whole town itself is nice!

It's also where cows like to jump out of windows, apparently.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Barry M Haul

I've been really into nail art recently as earlier this year I stopped biting my nails! It may seem like a novelty but doing up my nails is so fun! I decided to treat myself to a couple of new polishes today.

From L - R

Nail Effects 321 - Gold
Retro Pink
Mint Green
Lemon Ice-Cream
Bright Red
Blue Moon
Retro Blue
Nail Effects 323 - Black

They're all by Barry M.

I didn't intentionally set out to buy Nail Effects but if I did I got a free nail polish. I got the two Retro colours from the new Barry M collection for free from Superdrug.

I can't wait to see what designs I can come up with for these!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Beauty Parlour

Welcome to The Beauty Parlour. Do you have an appointment?

The Beauty Parlour is a new skincare range by Superdrug. I previously blogged about purchasing some of the range here and I have reviewed them especially for you guys!

I was not sponsored these items and I was not paid to say any of the following. All products were purchased with my own money.

Eye Eye Captain

Eye Eye Captain is an eye roller designed to reduce dark circle and puffy eyes. The special phyto complex reduces dark circles and cucumber de-puffs the eyes.

It's ridiculously simple to use; roll it on and leave it to do it's magic.



The difference doesn't show up too much on the pictures but it's definitely noticeable in real life! It removed the dark under eye circles and instantly brightened my eyes. I've been using it to make me look more awake on days I sleep in. ;)

I rate this:


Mattyfying Moisturiser

Mattyfying Moisturiser is what it says on the tin; it's a mattyfying moisturiser. It helps reduce any shine on your skin as well as reducing blemishes and blocked pores.

The first thing to say about this would be that it smells absolutely gorgeous! I don't know what else I could compare it too but trust me; this smells super duper nice. It's also not very greasy which is wonderful as I often expect greasiness from cheap products and extremely quick working. It also keeps the face soft and supple for a full day.

I cannot praise this product highly enough. It's amazing for the price.

A little goes a very long way with this; the sample I have on my hand is far too big for it!

I rate this:


Hand Lotion

Last, but certainly not least, is the Hand Lotion from this collection. I don't want gross old lady hands so it's important to use a hand cream.

The packaging is ridiculously cute. Just like the moisturiser, this smells absolutely gorgeous and is non-greasy. I was surprised as I expected it to be and had to use more hand cream than I thought. It keeps your hands feeling soft for a few hours and the scent lingers for one or two hours afterwards.

I usually use around this much and it covers both hands and my cuticles. Not bad!!

I rate this:


Overall I find The Beauty Parlour's products to be really quite good for their cheap price and I would defiitely use these again. From the packaging to the products themselves, everything is super cute.

Now have an attention whorey ugly pic. :D I was having an ugly day and this was the best one lmao

I don't pull off the thick eyeliner look well.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Cosplay Ideas!

Hey guys and gals.

We have a change from the normal post today. I will be attending MCM Expo in October and I would completely appreciate any ideas you guys can come up with for me to cosplay as. I've been struggling with ideas and have so far come up with these four:

(L - R) Ty Lee from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier, Rei Ayanami from Evangelion and Yukina from Yu Yu Hakusho.

Ty Lee is a definite but I'm not 100% invested in the other ideas I've come up with. What do you guys think?

Let me know!

Friday, 1 June 2012

Circle Lens; The New Perfume?

If you're a big-shot celebrity here in the Western world, chances are you've released a perfume. Although it's mainly the female celebrities who release these perfumes there's often one or two exceptions (such as a certain Mr. Bieber.)

In Asia it seems as though this perfume trend hasn't taken off. Instead, see the circle lens trend.

Tsubasa Masuwaka - Princess Mimi

Ayumi Hamasaki - Sweet Days

Koda Kumi - Loveil

Japan isn't the own country where people are releasing their own line of circle lenses; Cheesie has also released her own line named Rainbow Colour.

Cheesie - Rainbow Colour

Eyelashes used to be the one item everyone released (Tsubasa, Ayumi, Kyarypamyupamyu) but recently these have shifted to circle lenses.

Who do you think will be the next person to announce their own circle lens line?