Friday, 30 December 2011

50th Post

As you've guessed by the title of this post, it's my 50th blog post. I actually never expected to get past ten, nevermind 50 so this is kind of bizarre. I suppose I'll be doing a lot of rambling in this post.

Back in August shortly after I started this blog I wrote a blog post called Blog Goals. Let's take a look back.

♚ To learn and become a better gyaru; I really want to develop a better style and have more confidence to go out and wear it in public. At the moment I'm so paranoid people are looking at me.

To be honest I don't believe my gyaru style has improved in the slightest. I decided that I'm not aiming to become a certain style; I'll wear what I want and how I please. Gyaru style is something that does inspire me a lot. In fact, it's inspired me to ditch the old jeans that I used to wear all the frickin' time! Certain gyaru brands inspire me such as Liz Lisa (cliche, I know) and Gilfy. I love what those stores have! But I don't like the negative image that comes with gyaru and that only started bothering me in the past few months. Therefore I have decided I am an ordinary girl who is inspired by gyaru culture.

♚ To get at least 100 blog readers! I don't think I write anything too interesting, so it'd be really nice to see that! I might have a giveaway then.

This is still an ongoing dream. I have 9 followers and I love you all very, very much! Come here so I can give you a big hug.

I could promote this blog to make this dream faster. I could but to be honest I don't really know how to. So I'll continue to let people stumble across this blog in the hopes of finding something interesting. Maybe they will like what they see and continue reading. Maybe not.

♚ To just keep this blog going, really! I have a whole folder of blog ideas to write about, so as long as I keep that up I shouldn't have too much of a problem.

As you can probably tell, I emptied that folder a long time ago hahaha! As I said earlier, here we are at fifty posts so I haven't had too much of a problem keeping this through. Sometimes I don't feel like blogging and that's okay, right? I'll always be back! Sometimes I don't have anything to blog about or I'm out of ideas. That's okay too, isn't it?

♚ To use this experience to gain some self-confidence.

In some ways yes, this has happened and other times no. Before fully starting up this blog I dressed like a slob, seriously! Nowadays I try to dress nice so that's a bit more self confidence right there! However, since starting this blog I've been reading blogs of some of the most gorgeous girls I've ever seen and I'll never be as pretty as them. Maybe one day I'll have surgery, then maybe I'll feel better.

Now I've that out of the way, it's surprising how little of those blog goals I've achieved. That's okay though, it just means I've gotta keep blogging!

Catch you all in 2012 and have a fabulous new year everyone!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

I am an idiot.

Hi guys.

I did something really, really bad. But before I tell you about it look at the below gif. Doesn't it make you happy? It's a penguin and everyone knows penguins are adorable. Over the holidays I watched Happy Feet and it really reminded me about how cute these little guys are. I snagged this from tumblr if you're wondering.

Back in November I did a post about going out for a meal with my family to celebrate my younger cousin's birthdays. That night I had my little digital camera with me which I carry around because it's impractical to always use my DSLR. After that night I noticed my MAC lipstick and this camera was missing. Whilst the MAC lipstick did turn up eventually, the camera never did. I'm certain I had it at the end of the night so it was possibly lost when I was in the taxi home!

I'm really mad at myself because most of my photos have to be taken on my Blackberry now. I was going to buy myself a new camera this month but I spent that money on a TV for my Nan as hers broke and I felt awful about her sitting alone listening to depressing music.

I had photos of my old cat, Fluffy, on that camera which I will never see again. How sad!

I'll do a Christmas post shortly, I haven't felt like blogging too much.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas (Eve)

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, or however you want to say it in your language. Although it's still Christmas Eve in the UK, in some countries it will now be Christmas. I hope Santa gives you everything you've asked for if you're on his nice list. If not.. well, you can always try again next year? Haha.

Be sure to eat lots of Christmas dinner and lots of cake and I just genuinely hope you all have a nice time. It's been a long winter so far so it's nice to have a day like this to look forward to.

The pictures I've attached are some of what I've bought for other people. I wonder what's inside them~

Friday, 23 December 2011

Kitacon Planned List

As promised a few days ago, I said I would reveal all on what those blue shoes were. I am planning to go to Kitacon in April next year and as you've guessed those shoes are for a cosplay!

I enjoy cosplaying a lot as it's nice to be someone else for just a few hours. It also lets you represent your fandom and lets you to show people how cool a show can be. It's important to ask maturely and sensibly though as immaturity makes people think ill of your fandom. I'm pretty stoked about my planned cosplays and I genuinely can't wait to go to Kitacon. Most of my cosplays are just for the day time apart from my cosplay for the ball.

I did write about cosplay earlier this year so if you haven't checked it out you really should!

My planned list so far is:

Inori Yuruziha - Mami Tomoe - Nia Teppelin - Princess Aurora

I've cosplayed Nia before but last time I forgot to take my sleeves with me to the con so I wore it a little incomplete. I want to wear the outfit properly this time so I will bring her with me. The rest sort of speak for themselves, if you know me. They're all such girly characters haha.

Christmas is coming soon, isn't it? I'll make sure to do a little blog tomorrow for you guys.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Windy Weather!

I'm running about three weeks behind with this blog, sorry guys.

A few weeks ago I went out shopping with the other half. It was lovely to see him again, honestly, it was! I was to meet him in town so I tried to put a warm code together.

Not very stylish, I know!

Jumper: H&M
Dress: Select
Tights: Select
Boots: Select
Necklace: ViVi Accessories
Bracelet Primark
Headband: Off-brand

I know I don't look too good. Even with my fur coat on this was freezing cold to wear! My poor nose was running and everything. It was also really windy that day so my hair got messed up and my eyelashes tried to blow away! Luckily they stayed fixed on and I'm kinda glad I didn't do much to my hair as it would've been messed up straight away.

It was very busy in town so we pretty much windowshopped. I did buy some designer-like cupcakes though, I wish I had taken a photo! I bought a few and treated people to them all. It's the season to be giving, after all.

Later that evening we went out for a romantic meal. I say romantic, but we had a very rude taxi driver! We told him the name of the restaurant and whereabouts it was and he tried to take us somewhere 20 minutes away and them left us in some residential street claiming it was the restaurant! Excuse me mister, that housing estate was not the restaurant! He was also 30 minutes late because he was 'lost' and we almost lost our table reservation. We rang the taxi company up and complained so they sent someone to come pick us up and take us to where we were supposed to be. Sorry for the rant but it was very annoying!

We didn't feel like staying out after the meal so we came home and watched a movie. All in all a very busy day, wouldn't you think?

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Make it... Blue!

I haven't felt like blogging much recently, sorry! It must be the winter blues. I received these shoes through the post yesterday. They're from Dorothy Perkins and the picture definitely doesn't do them justice. They're not very comfortable though, I'll have to practice walking in them! I can't wait to start wearing these babies out.

They're for a cosplay, actually. All will be revealed next time. Well, that is if the blog title doesn't give you a clue!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

We're Back!

Hey gals and guys!

I apologise for deleting my blog without warning and keeping it offline for the last week or so. I won't go into reasons why but it was caused by my own stupidity. We're back now and I have a couple of posts lined up for you all so please watch out for them!

Thank you to everyone who understood and please continue to keep watching my blog, Hippogrape!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

We Found Love... ❤

It's December! I remember that this time last year on my old blog I tried to blog every day. Maybe I'll try and do that this year too!

On Sunday I went to see Rihanna live in concert. I've had the tickets for almost a year now and I was so excited!

My code for the night:

Playsuit: Liz Lisa (replica!)
Belt: eBay
Usamimi: New Look
Shoes: New Look
Ring: Versace
Stockings: eBay

I know you're probably thinking, "huh, those are stockings?!" I bought them online and it turns out they're so huge that they're bunched around the top of my legs. I didn't expect that to be honest haha...
I honestly wanted something comfortable and light since I knew it was going to get warm and my poor feet would have died if I had worn heels. Therefore, I chose flat shoes.

Camwhore~ I was trying to get a good picture of my make-up but it never seems to show up well! I look a little like Snow White in this picture haha.

I also tried again to get a picture of my eye make-up but my hooded eyes and inability to use my camera properly made it come out bad.

I wore my eyelashes on the corner of my eyes.

I took plenty of pictures but Twitter doesn't want me to see them so I can't post them here. Maybe some other time? Rihanna herself was amazing and the crowd reaction was phenomenal. She can really, really sing! I won't be happy if someone tries to tell me that she can't sing in the future because she really can!