Thursday, 1 March 2012

Gyaru Spring Colour Trends

I thought it'd be interesting to see if I could come up with co-ordinates from UK stores that would incorporate most of spring's colour trends, as per Sara's post on this at Moments Like Diamonds.

These were done just to pass the time and to see if I could actually pull something like this off!


Lipsy Tape Pocket Jumper in Oyster. - Pales/Pastels
Lipsy Belted Pleat Mini Skirt - Monochrome
Lipsy Patent Chain Pump - Pales (also available in black: monochrome)
Lipsy Swallow Stud Earrings - Pastels
Lipsy Pearl Bow Pendant

I concentrated on the pale/pastel trends for spring in this co-ordinate. I added the polka dotted skirt to bring in the monochrome theme and stop the outfit from being too overly girly and Liz Lisa-esque. It's really cute!


Hieroglyphic Silk Jersey Tee - Monochrome
Black Ponyskin Skinny Belt - Monochrome
BowBelted Shorts - Monochrome
Cats Eye Sunglasses - Monochrome
ALBI Mid Ankle Boots - Monochrome
Aztec Mesh Stretch Bracelet

Monochrome is still popular as ever with Mode. A big misconception about monochrome is that it has to be smart, so I thought I'd attempt to put a co-ordinate together that's a lot more casual than it is smart!

New Look

Striped Roll Sleeve Top
Coloured Skinny Jeans - Pales/Pastels
Crochet Flower Elastic Headband - Pales/Pastels
Flower Pendant Necklace - Pales/Pastels
Oversized Oval Ring - Pales/Pastels
Mel Apple Bow Shoes - Pales/Pastels
Pastel Across Body Bag - Pales/Pastels

This is a more feminine and Liz Lisa-ish take on the pales and pastels trend. I included the jeans because Spring time isn't neccessarily warm! I absolutely adore the shoes I used in this, they're so pretty!

River Island

Beige Chelsea Girl Long Sleeve Blouse
Light Beige Chino Shorts - Pales
Light Brown Peeop Toe Brogue Books - Pales
Beige Croc Satchel - Pales
Gold Tone Eiffel Tower Necklace - Pales
Cream Pearl Heart Bracelet
Beige Chunky Cable Socks - Pales

I went straight for the pales trend for this one! I think it looks quite smart; River Island also has a beige pair of trousers that could be substituted instead of using the shorts. The colour scheme is pretty basic but I quite like this.

So there we have it; four co-ordinates using stores on the British High Street using the gyaru spring trends colour palette. How about we make this five? Show me yours!


  1. I really like the first and last outfit! :D Very cute!

    1. Those two are my favourites. I wish I could own the last code~

  2. I have this sandal in the third model. But mine is blue! She is absolutely comfortable. The brand name is Melissa. Melissa did not know there was selling in your country!
    I'm from Brazil! kisses.

    1. They're comfortable? Omg I really want to own them now!

      Thank you for your comment, it means a lot. I really didn't expect to have readers from so far away so thank you once again!