Friday, 25 November 2011

The Very Best of Versace

Sorry for the late blog post guys. Something bad happened the day I actually went to H&M and I didn't feel like blogging for awhile. But I'm back right now! I apologise for these pictures. I started editing them and I forgot to save the PSD file and I didn't want to mess about recreating it. Sorry!

Last Thursday, The Very Best of Versace for H&M Collection was released. I was fortunate enough to have won early entry into the collection but public transport into the city failed me and I missed my time slot! Thankfully the staff let me in but most of what I had been eyeing up (the fur waistcoat and purple and black ra-ra dresses to be exact) were gone! It was manic. We were also only allowed ten minutes to browse the collection so there was a lot of pressure to find something you liked.

The rules were that you could buy each item in one size only. There were people there with the shop staff running after them as they picked up one of everything and didn't bother looking at the sizes. It's clear what they planned to do with them. I don't agree with people buying things to put on eBay because it's unfair to people who want to actually purchase items to wear at their retail prices!

The particular branch I went to didn't let people try the clothes on so I ended up playing it safe with what I got. I could have gotten something outrageous but if it didn't fit then that would have been no good.

What did I get, I hear you at? I'm sure the two boxes above are quite revealing!

In this box, there was...

This bracelet! I actually really like this and can't wait to wear it out!

Then there's this little box. If a bracelet box was bigger than this, I'm sure you can guess what was in here!

I really liked this on the website so I'm really glad I managed to buy it. In red too, which is what I was wanting! I don't really have too many rings so I'm glad to add something so nice to my ever-growing collection.

I didn't just buy jewellery as I'm sure you guessed. I also bought a dress which came in it's own protective cover. This really surprised me and I thought it was a really nice touch since I don't really own any dresses which have their own protective bags! If you haven't seen them, please see below!

I got this dress. It's a little bland and a very safe option but as I stated earlier we couldn't try them on and neither of the dresses I wanted were there. It looks really good on, actually.

I'm sure it'll come in useful for when I need to be classy!

There we have it. It was worth waking up at 7AM on my day off and the stress and upset that day was causing me. At one point I was crying in the bus station when I realised there was no way I was going to get into town in time for my slot haha.

Until next time!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

First in Line

Tomorrow it is 17/11/2011, or in fashion world terms: The Very Best of Versace at H&M. I'm sure all of you gals can appreciate a few designer items once or twice, can't you?

Despite being left disappointed at my last shopping trip at H&M I will be battling the cold and crowds in order to take a real life peek at what Versace has to offer us. Not to worry though as I won't be standing in a long queue all day. I blagged myself early entry into the Newcastle store so I can browse for uninterrupted.

Whoever said I wasn't good to you?

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Dog Eat Dog World

Forgive me for doing a more personal post! In our family we have four dogs and I thought it would be nice to introduce you to them all. They're my uncle/cousins dogs although I do see a lot of them. My stepfather is allergic to cats and dogs so we can't have any, although we used to have a cat which had the most original name ever:


First up is Minnie, my uncle's dog.

This is actually a really old picture of her from 2009 but she hasn't changed at all! She's still the same size! She's a minature Jack Russell and she's the loveliest dog I have ever had the fortune to meet. She's the sort of dog I can sit on the floor and eat food in front of and she won't try and eat the food. I actually have a bit of a phobia of dogs and she is one of the only dogs I will cuddle up to or play games with. She's really placid and is afraid of most other dogs. She also only likes women; the only man she likes is my uncle. She is almost three years old.

Next up is Alfie.

He is my cousin's dog and is only nine months old. He's been featured on this blog before!. He's a little placid and wary around other dogs and prefers exploring to actually playing haha. He's a big cry baby as well! I'm a little wary around him but he's super friendly and likes being cuddled. He's a King Charles cavalier. He's such a cutie pie, isn't he?

This is Amber. She's also nine months and is just two weeks younger than Alfie. They're pretty much best friends. She's also a King Charles cavalier and is extremely friendly. She likes playing with other dogs and likes people a lot. She's so hyperactive it's a little scary. She's also really smart. If she knows something will hurt her or taste bad she knows not to go near it, unlike Alfie who seems to forget every time. She's adorable.

As a bonus, here's my favourite picture of the two of them.

Next up is Bruce.

He's owned by my other cousin and is only a few months old. As he's a puppy he's still only learning what is right and what is wrong but... Truthfully, I am terrified of him. I've only seen him once and I spent that time sitting somewhere he couldn't get me. I'm not sure what breed he is... I'm not very good at dogs, am I?

That's all for now!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Last Friday I went out for a meal for my cousins. They're twins but they have different birthdays; how bizarre! One was born before midnight and one after if you're wondering. Also, they have really different personalities. One of them is such a nerd and he's quite quiet and placid and the other is a little troublemaker! It was their 18th birthday so we took them on a big old drunken family night out hee hee.

I came home from work and had an hour before I had to be at their house. I'm not sure how I made it... but I did! I cut a lot of corners though.

This is what I wore.

I don't really know what the hell is up with my face in this picture. Ugh.

Dress: Pixie Lott @ Lipsy
Shoes: Garage Shoes
Bag: Garage Shoes

I was literally dragged out the door a few seconds after this was taken! I couldn't get my hair the way I wanted, or my make-up, or my face apparently. This look really requires some circle lenses imo but I can't really get them in my eyes still. :(

We went for a meal at an adorable Italian restaurant and I can honestly say the food was so delicious! I don't eat much Italian food so I was pleasantly surprised.

There were lots of photos taken but I don't feel comfortable posting my friends and family on this blog just yet. Maybe some other time, eh?

I left early as I was so tired from work. I must've gotten home and fallen straight asleep because the next thing I knew it was 11am the morning after, woops! Overall it was a nice night, with many in-jokes and giggles.

Monday, 7 November 2011

How Far is Too Far?

In both the West and the East, it seems as though being thin is in. In most magazines you can see thin girls pouting and preening and in gyaru, there's really no difference! Gyaru magazines often advertise weight loss programs to encourage people to try their products; I would too if I lived in Japan. The results are simply amazing!

But how thin is too thin?

Recently, whilst reading Ageha, I came across the following girl and automatically winced.

Whilst being thin is a stereotypical asian trait, this thin is not. She doesn't look healthy at all and looks as though she could snap if the wind so much as touched her! Her legs are like sticks and it's almost surprising that she can support herself on those legs. She looks like a skeleton; not sexy at all.

Photoshop does play a factor in these sort of ads but for that to be used to make a girl look this painfully thin, there has to be some sort of truth behind it.

I also spotted the following girl in Ageha:

Once again this girl is painfully thin. I actually winced when I saw her ribs and her legs are also scarily thin lke the previous girl's.

I'm all for being thin but this is taking it a step too far. Neither of these girls look particularly healthy and instead look rather sick. Whilst we don't know what sort of issues these girls have, it's very sad to see supposedly confident gyaru reduced to looking like this. In fact, the Ageha models themselves had more weight on than these girls.

I didn't see any girls this shockingly thin in 'egg' which I am relieved about. Maybe one day the industry will wake up and see that these girls don't need to be this thin. Even the models, who are thin, aren't this thin and it's a shame that girls feel the need to look like this.

If you or anyone else you know suffers from an eating disorder please go seek help. I personally wouldn't want to see you looking like these girls.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Yellow Diamonds in the Light

Hello everyone!

As promised, I've taken the photos from my camera from when I went to Edinburgh. I only had outfit photos on there sadly, and of only one outfit! I completely forgot to get photos of my second outfit which really is a shame.

Dress: New Look
Tights: International
Shoes: No idea! They're a really common (and comfy!) design though.
Ring: No idea.

I absolutely adore this dress; it's one of my favourites. It's little baggy on me but it's one of those things I saw and knew I just had to have in my wardrobe. It's a little thin but it was warm enough as I had a big fur coat and wool tights! I chose flats because I knew I'd be doing a lot of walking... shame I didn't think of this when I tried to do a two mile walk in heels the next day! I basically wanted to be comfortable wearing this.

I pretty much wore basic make-up since I knew I couldn't touch up for a few hours. Also, I've started to run out of fake lashes! I'm using them sparingly until I can afford some new ones, which is one of the reasons I'm not wearing them. I wore a lot of mascara though, on my top and bottom lashes. It's disappointing that this little camera didn't pick that up.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been updating much!

I went up to Edinburgh this weekend to see the other half. I was expecting it to be really cold so I packed all my winter woolies and it turned out not to be! I meant to take photos of my outfits but I forgot to, woops. Maybe I'll wear or improve the codes and show you all again, yeah?

Edinburgh was really nice! We went shopping and I managed to snag this bag and a necklace from Urban Outfitters for only £20, instead of the £70 they should have cost! Call me Miss Bargain, ok?

This was taken in the Princes Mall foodcourt where I was waiting for the mister to come back with food, haha. I love this bag!

That night we went out for a meal at West Coast, but it wasn't very nice. I was a little disappointed. I tried bacon (which I still dislike) and sweet potato fries which were super yummy. After we went to this neat little bar and sat in a corner. I was very impressed with the drink glasses!

Vodka and lemonade, yes please! Funny story, I had one of those and a Smirnoff Ice and managed to walk into a wall. I wasn't even drunk, honest!

The mister and I after one too many drinks. I'm wearing a pink Lipsy dress here.

After this we went to a casino. I wish I could have taken photos but it was against the casino's policy. It was huge and really posh looking; the drinks were super cheap too! I didn't play anything as I have the worst luck in the world. We walked home as well and my poor feet are bruised now so it hurts to walk.

The next day was a recovery day and I forgot to get photos of my code. I'm disappointed because I really loved it!

Of course, now I'm back home. I have a tummy virus so I'm a little poorly...