Saturday, 3 March 2012

Liz Lisa: Love Pasterine

Hey all!

These are my favourite picks of Liz Lisa's Spring Collection which is named 'Love Pasterine'.

I promise you, they're really nice!

Liz Lisa are keeping up with the pastel trends that is currently sweeping gyaru at the moment and have identified mint, pink, orange, white and blue as the colours to be wearing. I've attempted to pick something from each colour as my picks of the season.

Mint Green

I absolutely adore Mint Green and I'm so glad it's coming back into fashion. It's been difficult to find anything with that colour green over here in the UK though!

This green dress really stood out to me as soon as I opened the page for this colour. It's really sweet and can be combined with a plethora of other colours on season (i.e. white) in order to stop the green overwhelming the piece.


Pink is practically a staple colour for Liz Lisa. I'm pretty sure I've seen this same dress in blue but it's nice to see a maxi dress in pink. I suppose this is where the 'ethnic' part of the collection name comes into it?

There's one or two maxi dresses in this collection so definitely keep your eyes peeled for them.


I really liked these two! I prefer the outfit on the left; the little bows and the frills make the other outfit too young looking and two sweet for me. Perhaps if I was younger I could pull these off!

I'm not quite sure how orange this is supposed to be as they've filtered the page's colours. I'm hoping it'll be a peachy or pale orange. Who looks good in bright orange any way/


On the 'White' pages this really stood out to me. Maybe it's just me but brown and white just seems to be a Liz Lisa staple and I'm always very happy to see it pop up in any collection.

Last year there was a playsuit in Liz Lisa's S/S collection that looked really similar to this. Good news if you bought that, you can wear it again without any worries!


I love, love, love this outfit! Liz Lisa is known for being very sweet and girly and I found this refreshing.

The blue definitely stops this outfit from being too OTT sweet which I'm glad for. It's also showing that not all Liz Lisa co-ordinates need to be sickly sweet.

I'm interested in hearing what you guys thought of this collection: yay or nay?


  1. I do love Liz Lisa, I think this collection looks quite similar to their other collections but it's still cute and "refreshing" :) Too bad I can't wear any Liz Lisa clothes, I don't have a good cute and sweet face rofl

    1. I did see a lot of similarities and a lot of their pieces were quite similar to what they've done before. I assume they're sticking with, "if it's not broken then don't fix it," mentality. It's a little annoying but it does seem to work for them quite well.

      I think the most refreshing thing in the entire collection is the addition of using mint (and orange...). I knew pastels were in trend but I didn't quite expect Liz Lisa to go ahead and use mint in their collection over the usual pinks, browns, whites and blues.

  2. Oh! : D I think the collection is adorable! I really like all their outfits!

    1. It's so cute~ I'm glad the trends this year are all pastels because Liz Lisa and pastels work together really well!

  3. Cute collection. definitely want to check it out.

    1. It's really cute, I wish I could own the entire collection~

  4. Hey :) oh my I discovered your blog while I was on my phone and then I could not find the link later on! but now I got it thehe :3 first of all I've got to say that I love your style of writing <3
    I think that this Liz Liza collection is a "YAYY!" :D love the colours and the models are pretty as always. I'm just not sure how wearable a maxi dress is.. ♪
    Hope to hear back from you!

    1. Hello!
      Thank you, it means a lot that you even found me when you lost the link!
      I love the collection but it is a little same-y. I'm wondering whether or not the maxi dress will be wearable but maxi dresses seem to be becoming a little bit of a summer staple because they're so comfortable to wear!

  5. liz lisa never disappoints!

  6. Thank you! <3 I love my blue nail polish tooo <3<3<3<3<3<3 good luck for your nail art !