Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Grand Finale : Disneyland Paris 2012 Day Three

This was the very last day. We once again woke up for 6am and went for breakfast and went to the park for it opening at 8am.


Before we continue I must really congratulate Hotel New York on it's baggage storage. They let us keep it in the room until we had to leave. It made everything so much easier.

We went to the park and rode the Buzz Lightyear ride where I was the best space cadet ever and we then went on Space Mountain 2 twice again.

Afterwards we went to Fantasyland and we rode the Carousel. The horses were really nice!

Joe said this was the most unmanly thing he could be on and refused to let me take a photo of him. He had a really cool horse though.

He was more than happy to take a photo of me and my bare face. No make-up here guys (I was dozing off most of the time that day and I was too tired to put on wear make-up in the morning...)

We then went back to the Studios and rode the Tower of Terror again; they dropped us from the top floor right to the bottom floor in one turn that time! It was terrifying.

We did some more stuff and wandered around and went back to Cafe Mickey for lunch. Goofy came out again but apparently he forgot who we were because he wasn't mean to us this time!

I then went to Fantasyland and bought this big candyfloss because I just wanted candyfloss on a stick. Seriously. That is my reason for buying it.

Afterwards we explored the lands. I took this in Adventureland.

30 seconds after this photo was took I fell down some steps and hurt my ankle. Woops.

We then sat outside of Frontierland for like, an hour because we were so tired. I took this photo of the castle because I couldn't believe the brambles from Sleeping Beauty were on the castle! I've never noticed them before.

We sat for a little bit more and went to Discoveryland to take a walk.

So cute!

We went back to Fantasyland because we were trying to track down the train station and we saw this little castle.

As it was so small it looked far away in the distance and I got really excited thinking that there was a new land or something. I was really freaking out about it too... it turned out to be part of a ride LOL.

After this we left Fantasyland and we saw Frankie Coccozza on the castle drawbridge! I didn't know if it was actually him and I was gonna ask him but my feet were so tired and I just wanted to get my luggage.

We went back to the hotel and picked up our luggage. The guy who never picked us up on the first night showed up and drove us back to the airport.

Overall, Disneyland was so much fun but so tiring! I couldn't wait to get back home and sleep and my poor legs were bruised and sore but I would definitely go back!

Disneyland 2013 anyone?

If you missed them, you can see day one's post here and day two's post here.


  1. I am surprised you didn't take off your coat. It wasn't hot?

    1. Hi there!

      This was back last month and although it looks really sunny and nice, it wasn't very warm. It was quite cold! It was warm enough that we could go around with our coats on but if we had of taken them off we would've been quite cold. :(

  2. Wow, I think that's the biggest Candy floss I've EVER seen! I really wanna go, I'll have more fun than the kiddies! A carousel unmanly? It's the most manliest thing there is! ;D

    1. It was so huge! I couldn't eat it all though.

      I swear he was on one of the manliest horses there was, it was much bigger than me but he was being silly over me taking a photo.

      You really must go one day, it's all sorts of ridiculously fun!

  3. Disneyland PAris !! *o*
    I love going there *o*
    Hum... Maybe I'll go the last week =D

  4. I miss Disneyland Paris so, so much! I went in winter during Xmas and the place was full of snow. I loved it!! Looks like you had a lovely time. That candyfloss is HUGE! :D

    1. It's really nice there, isn't it? I've been at the start of the Christmas season before....

      It really was huge, I was walking around trying to eat it and ended up giving in fml.