Monday, 26 March 2012


Don't you wish you could just eat chocolate every day without getting fat? How about putting chocolate on your face and not getting spots?

With Lush's Cupcake face mask, you can do just that!

This blog post is not sponsored. All opinions written here are my own and I am not being paid to say any of these.

If you're unfamiliar with Lush's fresh face masks you should probably check these out. These masks are made so fresh that they actually have an expiry date on them so you know when you need to finish the tub by. Whilst some people may find this inconvenient, I find this to be perfect as it encourages me to use the mask at least twice a week rather than leaving it to go to waste.

Just like Catastrophe Cosmetic, Cupcake uses mainly natural ingredients with the only synthetic ingredient being the perfume. The mask contains Rhassoul Mud, Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Butter, Fresh Mint, Peppermint Oil and other lovely ingredients that you'd want on your face!

The cocoa butter moisturises your skin, the rhassoul mud absorbs grease and cleanses and the fresh mint in the mask tones.

For your money you receive a relatively small sized tub but I find that a little goes a long way with these products. Once opened you're met with a creamy, mud like mixture which you get to spread over your face. As these masks are best kept stored in the fridge, it cools and soothes your skin. It's a relatively smooth formula but I found one or two small... chunks in mine? I'm not sure what they were but I didn't like them.

The mask smells really nice, like mint chocolate! I was expecting a more chocolate-like smell so I was pleasantly surprised. I found this mask to be a little grittier than Catastrophe Cosmetic and relatively easy to apply. It takes around ten minutes for it to work on the skin and whilst it does freeze your face a little, it's not as bad as other masks I've tried.

This mask was a little harder to remove than Catastrophe Cosmetic but compared to some other masks I've used it's been a lot easier to remove.


After a disappointing result with Catastrophe Cosmetic, I wasn't too sure what to expect with Cupcake.

I was really surprised!

The mask didn't make my face glow like Catastrophe Cosmetic did, but it did make my skin look cleaner. I have quite oily skin and I noticed that my skin no longer became oily; the mask sucked up any oil! I did leave a week before masks and towards the end of the week my skin became oily as usual but if I did two masks a week my skin rarely became oily.

Cupcake was also amazing for any breakouts. I had a breakout two days before a very important party and applied this face mask. It did make the worst of the spots sting slightly but the next day they had all reduced in size and faded! It also didn't cause any outbreaks on my skin which I was very pleased with.

The mask also made my face quite soft and I personally have found this to be a wonderful remedy to my skin.

❥ I personally find the smell of the mask quite nice and it lingers on your skin for a few hours afterwards.
❥ Easy to apply.
❥ Cleared up any spots I had.
❥ Worked wonders for my oily skin!
❥ Leaves the skin soft.

❥ A little difficult to remove.
❥ If you dislike the smell it will linger on your skin which isn't ideal.
❥ The little chunks in it make me feel physically sick (which is a personal preference).

I rate this face mask:


We all have different skin types so if you are going to try one of Lush's face masks I would recommend you either read reviews or ask the shop staff. Cosmetic Catastrophe, which had fabulous reviews, was a flop for me but Cupcake has done absolute wonders for my skin!


  1. Hahaha, agreed! I don't think I own anything lilac so I might invest in a pair if they have my size.

    I've never tried any Lush products yet, I've been meaning to but never got round to it. There's loads of good reviews on their bath bombs. I'm so tempted to try their face masks, this one looks LUSH indeed. When you said "little chunks" do you mean the micro beads? I've tried a chocolate mask by Montagne Jeunesse so I'm a fan of cocoa/chocolate masks. I might have to take a trip to Lush this week. ^^

    1. You should, they look really nice when they're on!

      I love Lush facemasks, I suppose I'm the type of person who buys into that sort of marketing really easily! I'm not sure what they were to be honest, they just came along every so often.

      You really should try this one, it's fun to put on and it smells like mint chocolate haha. That's more than enough reason to imo!

  2. I also have never tried Lush products, but your that product seems to be pretty good. I also have oily skin, so i really should try it out!! *Q*´´
    ♥ ♥

    1. It's really good in my opinion, I just found that it worked wonders with me and really helped me out. It was so good for oily skin, I was genuinely surprised!

  3. I have that exact face mask right now! xD My brothers gf swears by it so I'm trying it out, I hope I get just as good results as you did :D
    I always love walking into Lush because of how nice it smells in there.

    1. It's so good, right? I hope you also get good results. I'm using Love Lettuce atm which is sort of... interesting. I'm biased to how it looks.

      It smells so nice. At our local shopping centre I can smell it from a mile off!

  4. This looks really nice! : D I love lush too, but I only tried their bath products!

    1. Definitely try one of their skincare range, they're so good! Hooray for bath bombs (I saw the one you blogged about, I was actually showing it to my sister in the store and I was thinking, "OMG NANA HAD THAT.")

  5. Oh I love Lush but they don't have any shop near me so it's not often I can get my hands on a lush product :<

    1. Oh no, really? That's so disappointing! Maybe you can purchase some of their stuff online if you really want to try? Their fresh face masks aren't ideal to purchase online because of their short life-span but they do have one facemask that will last a little longer called Mask of Magnaminty which won't expire so quickly if you really want to try one!

  6. this looks so nice, but i always neglect using this masks =/

    1. I didn't think I would keep up the routine but I think having the expiry date so soon pushes me to use them :)