Sunday, 18 March 2012

Blog of the Week: Lively & Addicted

Welcome to Week 3's blog of the week. This week I am going to feature Lively & Addicted.

Lively & Addicted is run by a girl named Clara. She's from France and to be honest, I absolutely adore her blog layout! It looks so clean and tidy but still fierce.

Let's not be too focused on her fabulous blog layout though! What I really like about her blog is that her posts are always informative and quite well written. I love hearing what tips and thoughts people have of different things so I really did find her blog to be super useful. What really attracted me to her blog was her post on Blackberrys but I find myself returning because her posts are so useful!

I totally agree with her opinions on Blackberrys, by the way.

As well as being an informative blogger Clara also updates us on her fashion choices, make-up and other really cool tidbits. I really liked her post where she decided to be a Military Girl. It looked like a fun look!

If you're looking for a really informative and rather cool blog to read, please try Lively & Addicted! She really does blog about a lot of things and I'm sure she'll have blogged about something which is appealing to you.

Even if you're just bored today, please try having a look at her blog. It's really worth it, I promise!

To conclude, this week's blog of the week is Lively & Addicted.

All images are screencapped from her blog and do not belong to me; they belong to her.


  1. ooh, your review sounds so nice ~ i have no choice but have a look at her blog :'3
    ♥ ♥

  2. OMFG That's so sweet ! Actually my real name is Clara, with a C haha, but never mind :)
    Thanks a lot for my layout ! I wanted to change it but maybe I should leave it like this just for a moment heheh
    Oh I'm glad that my post about the Blackberrys helped you in some way :) I wrote it for about... 1hour ? haha I had to translate so many things in english, but I happy that it worth it :) !

    I'll keep blogging about those "useful" things, it really was my purpose. Thanksss a lot again, that's so nice, it made my day ! Love you xxxxx ;)

    1. (and you have 300 pts bonus because today is my birthday :') Thanks for the present ;) )

  3. Going to check her out :)
    Thanks for featuring her!