Saturday, 10 March 2012

EMODA Eyelashes

Great news for you girls who love Mode! Ena Matsumoto from EMODA has announced that EMODA will be debuting a collection of false lashes on 12th March 2012 and that they are available to preorder via their official RUNWAY Channel Webstore.

Want to take a look at the designs? See below.

Dolly Eye

These are upper eyelashes. The lower eyelashes are Feminine Eye which you can see below.

As you can probably guess from the name these lashes were made intended to give a doll like eye. It works well with cuter looks.

Feminine Eye are quite long lower lashes. They're probably my least favourite lash in the entire collection.

Glamorous Eye

These are upper eyelashes. The lower lashes are Feminine Eye which you can see above.

These lashes look really nice at the outer corners! They're intended for cooler looks as well as evening looks.

Cool Eye

These are upper eyelashes. The lower lashes are Natural Eye.

Like Glamorous Eye, these lashes seem to be more suited for cooler looks and evening looks. That doesn't mean you can't wear these through the day!

I prefer Natural Eye to Feminine Style as they don't look too over the top and I imagine they'd look much better when on your face.

Daily Eye

These are upper eyelashes. The lower lashes are Natural Eye which you can see above

These are intended for day and more natural looks. Out of all of the lashes in the collection these are probably my favourite!

Overall Thoughts

It's nice to see more gyaru fashion brands launching their own eyelashes into the market but I'm not too sure what to think of these. Some of them, like Natural Eye, look really nice. It may just be the lighting but some of the heavier lashes look very plastic-like and fake.

I'm really interested in seeing the reviews for these. If you see any feel free to link to them in the comments below!

What's your favourite lashes in the collection?


  1. These lashes looks super nice! I would love to try!

  2. Wow! Those falsies looks really cute! *o*
    I have "falsies-mania" now!! I'm using "dramatics tyles" lately...
    I want to "copy" papanase "morimayu" eye *o* Cuute!

    1. I think everyone goes through stages of falsie-mania!

  3. i agree that the natural lashes are my favorite. Not over the top, but still kinda flirty haha :)

    1. Exactly! When it comes to lower lashes I don't want huge ones otherwise it might look like my eyes have become like spiders!

  4. I love all the lashes! They look great!
    Nice photos too, very clear ^^

    1. They do, don't they? Is there any pair you particularly like?

  5. i love ur upper lash :) it look very natural and properly will love the 1st lower lashes it look more dolly <3

  6. Yup. Natural Eye looks so much better cos it's delicate ^_^ I have not had the guts to try lower lashes yet =/

    1. Oh, really? You should try them one day! They're a little tricky to apply at first but they give a kind of nice effect. They make your eyes look huge but I'm not a fan of how I look whilst wearing them. You can find the post here. :)

  7. gorgeous!
    just wondering what lenses you're wearing?