Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Buriteri: What has she been up to? ♚

I'm sure every gyaru has heard of Buriteri.

For those of you who haven't, Buriteri is the Queen of the Ganguro movement in the late 90s and early 00s. She's nicknamed after the soy sauce which is used to flavour yellow-tailed fish in teriyaki cooking. I'm sure you couldn't look at a gyaru magazine without seeing her somewhere in there. She particularly featured in 'egg' magazine which I'm sure that you all know! She was pretty revolutionary and was said to have made the ganguro style herself so she's a huge influence on many gyaru; she was even rumoured to use foundation intended to be used by black women to obtain the skin tone she had. She infamously modelled for Blacky's, a tanning salon, which generated a lot of public pressure which then caused her to retire from the ganguro scene for good. Sad, yes? But her legacy really did live on!

Nowadays she's not into the ganguro scene. In fact, her skin colour has gone the opposite way and she's rather pale!

For reference she's the one on the left. She looks completely different!

She's grown into a really pretty woman, hasn't she? She'd be around her 30s now and seems to be living a normal life so I'm glad for her. Buriteri did work for Ash & Diamonds for awhile, although I'm not too sure if she's there now.

It's really striking how she looked as a ganguro and how she looks now; so different!

It's also really interesting to see how the gyaru from back when ganguro was popular are different from the popular gyaru of yesteryear, such as sifow!


  1. Oh wow it is! But she's beautiful both ways!

  2. She really is! It's so interesting to see the differences between her then and her now.

  3. what happen to other ganguro girls who was living late 90's?Are they still following this culture?

  4. @hiru

    Hey there, thank you so much for the comment. Are there any particular girls you're asking about? If so please let me know and I will find out for you as soon as possible! :)