Monday, 26 January 2015


As I sit here typing this I can already tell that this post in particular is going to prove quite unpopular. This isn't going to be the most eloquent thing ever but please remember that this is just my own personal opinion.

I feel like a lot of people use J-Fashion as a way to gain attention.

Before you sit down to tell me how wrong I am, you're right to do that but please read this post. This doesn't encapsulate everyone who is in the J-Fashion community. There are plenty of people who fall outside of this category and I think a large majority of the J-Fashion community does.

You're not an attention whore if you post a selfie (c'mon, everyone loves the fuzzy feeling of validation from having people 'like' your photo). You're not an attention whore if you post on social media a lot or if you cause drama or post outfits of the day. Maybe you just like sharing a lot which is perfectly okay!

I'm talking about people who jump from J-Fashion to J-Fashion.

Even then, if you've been in one or two J-Fashion communities that's fine. Great, even! Personal style evolves over time so it's natural to see someone maybe growing tired with their current style after many months and years and moving on to something that is usually a bit different yet similar at the same time.

I call this natural progression.

Maybe there's a different term for this, I'm not sure.

For example, an example of natural progression is my friend who is a gorgeous lolita who asked me on tips for himekaji. It may feel like a big jump from style to style but they also have a lot in common. Another great example of natural progression is Lizzie from Mystic Thorn. The linked post is showing her making some 'baby steps' into hime. Coming from agejo to hime is a natural progression as although the styles are different they're also similar. I experimented and flirted with these rules whilst going for my Ayacon Ball outfit.

People who are SJAWs (Serial J-Fashion Attention Whores) are those who jump from style to style because it's popular or will gain them enough attention. It's an attempt to stay relevant in the fashion community because J-Fashion is both unique and different enough to drag the eye of people who aren't involved and unaccustomed to the unique look of J-Fashion.

Face it: if you're wearing normal clothes with normal make-up or outlandish J-Fashion clothes with J-Fashion make-up which one will net you more attention?


I don't think I need to state the obvious answer.

A SJAW will jump from J-Fashion to J-Fashion and they feed off the attention. They're gyaru for 6 months, the next 6 months they're lolita, the following 6 months they're mori, then next they're fairy-kei...

If you truly loved and felt invested into a style there would be no need to jump from style to style in such a small space of time.

There are a lot of arguments that people may come up with in order to defend their notorious jumping from J-Fashion to J-Fashion as an excuse for the real reason of, well, being a SJAW.

No. Do not even go there with me. There may be a case where you feel too old to wear a certain fashion but abandoning that and jumping straight onto another J-Fashion isn't progressive but rather a continuation of absolutely needing attention regardless if it's positive or negative.

There's plenty of examples of older people wearing fashions that people were 'too old' for such as Mao-chan and even Sakurina for gyaru. Misako Aoki, the super famous lolita model and ambassador, is 32. Junnyan is a great example of someone who looks older and is rocking the clothes he wants to wear. Age isn't a reason and is more of an excuse to jump to the next interesting J-Fashion.

Furthermore if you're too old to wear, for example, lolita, is jumping to gyaru going to make things better? Fashion isn't meant for just young people; if it was then everyone over the age 30 would be wearing jeans and t-shirts every day.

Why would you choose gyaru over a Western fashion, for example? As it isn't as exotic as a J-Fashion the clothing we see in the Western world may feel boring in comparison but gyaru, for example, has many elements which are borrowed from Western fashion but with a bit of a twist on it.

If it's not truly about attention then why is it that people always jump to J-Fashion and more recently, K-Fashion?

A lot of people use the argument that Western fashion is 'boring', yet with styles such as onee-gyaru and the now infamous Neo Gal which are slowly progressing towards the Western aesthetic and with many of these Western girls jumping onto these trends, I can't help but watch with distain. When Neogal became the 'new' thing a lot of SJAWs jumped onto it.

Feizl, for example, is another Asian aesthetic yet it's rare that girls jump onto the bandwagon of being feizl because it's not popular and will not net them attention (it's basically the Chinese version of ulzzang which is also on the rise). In fact, people are more likely to tag ulzzang than feizl because, as previously mentioned, it's simply not popular despite being extremely similar to the well known ulzzang movement.

Shironuri is yet to explode in popularity although there are one or two girls who have jumped from other J-Fashions and are now shironuri for no reason other than it's slowly increasing popualarity.

People who were once very prominent and very dedicated to a particular fashion often completely tone down once they have moved to a 'new' fashion.

Upon graduating the increasingly toned down Popteen just last year, Kumicky changed to me a 'mature' adult which meant that some of the very staples of J-Fashion make-up such as false eyelashes were gone. The image she has now is a feminine yet still westernised look. I may be wrong but I have never heard of a prominent figure go from gyaru to fairy-kei, for example, nor have I seen the reverse happen (although there may be cases; I will admit I'm not reliably informed and have no idea which figures were once considered prominent in Shibuhara styles unless you're talking about Kyary or Kimura).

In the gaijin community especially I see girls jumping from these fashions like it's normal, yet never once do Western or other Eastern fashions ever enter their new image. It's always J-Fashion. Lolita to gyaru and vice versa is common and one of the jumps I often see which is one of the ones that doesn't bother me personally; a lot of people discover one and then realise the other fashion suits them a little more afterwards. For myself, it's where the fashion jumps keep happening that an issue arises.

Another common symptom of a SJAW is that no matter what they're wearing it will somehow be related to J-Fashion. A darker, edgier look will instantly be rokku or v-kei. A boho look will be mori. A preppier look will be gyaru. A head bow of a slightly poofier skirt will be instantly labelled as lolita.

First off, there is nothing wrong with using the English equivalents of these words.

People use the J-Fashion term (even if it looks nothing like it) to describe these looks because they want the attention that J-Fashion will bring them. It's the equivalent of girls who tag their photos with everything (non-gyaru tagging everything as gyaru and ulzzang and doll and all of those 'popular' buzzwords) because it will reach more people and show them how unique and special they are.

Of course this isn't a catch all post. For example, a lolita who followed the style for 2 or 3 years before moving onto the 'ulzzang' aesthetic (I'm still not 100% sure how this can be called a style) for 2 - 3 years before moving onto gyaru would fall outside of this threshold. This could be seen as a natural progression as mentioned earlier.

It's hard to define through words and perhaps I don't have the best way to communicate on an issue that is genuinely just irritating not only to myself but a few other people. Personally I was worried about putting this up but the people who will get offended by this post are those who I would personally describe as a SJAW.

I'd love if a discussion on any of the points I've raised could be discussed. There's a few more I personally wanted to say but I honestly do not have the words to eloquently get into aesthetics, reasons, etc. It's possible to like more than one style (I do!) but I can't fathom how expensive it must be to have a gyaru wardrobe and then a full lolita wardrobe, haha!

Stay sweet! ♥

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Monday, 19 January 2015

Gyaru Progression 2014

In 2014 I began to take gyaru a bit more seriously and thought I'd do that kind of meme where you post what your make-up looks were over the course of a year just to see how I'd improved!

This starts at March 2014.

March 2014

I'd bought my few gyaru brand and my first pair of DreamV shoes and I was in love with them. Although I didn't have the make-up down I still did a bit of light contour on my face and wore Dolly Wink lashes which was my staple throughout the years.

I've always had a love/hate affair with white eyeliner (ick) on the lower lashline and in this phase I was all about it. Yikes.

I was still too nervous to wear circle lenses with my 'gyaru' look because it felt like a big step although I had started being able to wear lenses by this point (also the day I took this selfie I'd been wearing circle lenses as part of a cosplay so I was a bit wary of keeping them in for too long). Also: half wigs. I'd discovered how magical they were a few months prior and loved them as they made hairstyling super quick and easy.

April 2014

I was in London during this time of year. I'd actually started applying the circle lenses to go out in and loved it. I was able to keep them in for a little longer than recommended too and I felt fabulous. Those cat ears... I loved them soooo much and wanted them to be on trend forever so I stubbornly kept wearing them to try and bring them back.

I had no lower lashes at this time because I was still stuck in the era of, "I LOOK STUPID WITH THESE BOO HOO." I also was wearing that GOLDS Infinity dress as it was my most 'gyaruable' item that wasn't himekaji. Shortly after this I went back into the himekaji route only to fall out of it shortly after.

June 2014

May was a terrible return to himekaji and I refuse to talk about it as I feel so dumb looking back at it.

This month was... questionable.

The photo I'm using was from a girls night out where I was too nervous to bring full gyaru out with me but attempted to attempt an eyeshape with black kohl liner which I hadn't worn in years. Coordinate-wise I think there was something a bit 'party-gal' about it but I'm not too impressed with myself.

July 2014

This month was where I started trying to make a serious attempt. I was still relying on wigs for my hair as my hair styling skills are nonexistent. I'd purchased a few of my first ever MA*RS items and applied to an English gyarusa, JEWEL (although I freaked out when they messaged me back and ran away like a coward because I was so nervous and awkward). I put together my first ever agejo coordinate and I'm still in love with it and the items I bought. I think I'll always treasure those first few MA*RS items.

I tried not doing the heavy gyaru make-up I'd began learning but I think that suits me more which is a lesson I'd learnt. By this point I'd stepped away from Dolly Wink and was using JEWERICH lashes which I'd purchased for my Junko cosplay. I also had lower lashes from Diamond Lash at this point so... ~improvement~.

August/September 2014

As much as I loved agejo I went into experimenting with hime for a ball outfit. I learnt a lot during this phase.

I began doing my nails again and I learnt how to use my half wig to make my hair huge and with lots of POOF. I was wearing six types of wigs on my head including two fringes and two rope wigs, it was crazy. I had also gone back to using the eyeshape I really loved and purchased my first Jesus Diamante item.

I had a lot of fun researching hime that month.

October 2014

I put two pictures down as I did a lot that month. Both codes are MA*RS because I was in love; the first code was the same one from July but improved. I had better jewellery and a better understanding of how to use my half-wig to make my hair have more volume. I also became a lot more comfortable with how I posed in photos and what to do!

I also began to experiment how to mix other fashion brands into codes - I wore Harajuku brand KOKOkim with MA*RS and it worked a lot better than I had anticiapted. Codes aren't always my strongest point but I was very proud of that evening. I'd also tried mixing some Shibuhara looks together but I'm not personally sure I liked them.

November 2014

I'd done big gyaru hair but I wanted to try going more relaxed for everyday things, as well as using clothes that didn't look gyaru and making everything look gyaru (that turtleneck is MA*RS I'll have you know!!). Natural hair colours have been making their way back into fashion so I attempted something I'd seen by mode brands but with... well, my natural hair. Still undecided on this. It was a experiment but I think it looks a bit creepy.

Still... I learnt something which is what the point of this is all about. Mixing and matching.

December 2014

OKAY, I lie. This is January 2015 but I wanted to use this photo.

I once again began experimenting with make-up. I'd never used lipliner before, I started using lipliner. I also began on experimenting with how to make my lips look bigger as I'm unfortunate enough to have small, thin lips. I experimented with warmer winter codes and overall I feel satisfied. I also used another pair of false lower lashes I'd never tried and felt super satisfied with the result.

Just need to lose weight as I put a lot on!

To be honest I never felt much of an improvement throughout the year until I've seen everything put together. My peak this year was August - October, definitely. Now, for another year to see how I improve.

Stay sweet! ♥

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Monday, 12 January 2015

Holiday Season

I thought I'd do a personal post as it's been... well, "awhile". I got focused on writing and researching too much and I thought this would be a nice break. I had such a good Christmas this year despite it being a bit of a rough time of year due to personal reasons I'd mentioned earlier in the year.

★ W O R K ★ P A R T Y ★

As you all know I work as an office manager and I kinda have to go to my office Christmas party. My boyfriend couldn't make it with me so I losered out and brought my mum as everything was paid for by my boss. I'd been totally set to dress 'normally' and not appear weird or eccentric but I got carried away with hair and make-up and next thing I knew I was rocking a pseudo-gyaru look:

My dress is a cheap ass dress I'd picked up in a market back when I was 17 and felt like wearing because it was sparkly and festive.

Although... it did get kinda awkward.

I'd completely forgotten by boss had lived in Japan for a few months a few years back and he kept making comments about how I reminded him of something. He was all, "You remind me of g... g... gy... gya.... GEISHA!" I just froze up and laughed it off but I was all, "OH NO," on the inside because I had a very good idea what he meant.

Woopsie. Silly me, etc. etc.

★ C H R I S T M A S ★ D A Y ★

Christmas was amazing.

I'm so grateful for my family in so many ways. I'd been speaking with my mum and knew not to expect much because I'm not from a very well off family. I'd been asked what I wanted and I'd said the Electric Urban Decay palette (which my sister got me) and mentioned about how I was going to save up for a PS Vita.

So when I woke up on Christmas morning to a small pile of presents I was super shocked!

A lot of it was clothing, pyjamas, other nice things and I got to a box and I was totally clueless to what was inside of it. I assumed it was something what my sister had so I was looking through what she'd opened to see if I could guess, I was soooo certain. So when I opened it and it was a PS Vita with one of the games I was looking for (FFX) I was super stunned and ended up crying and hugging my mum because I hadn't expected it.

I'm actually getting overemotional writing this, woops!

I just hadn't expected it and it was something I was looking at treating myself with for a few months; sure I love clothes and make-up but at heart I've always been about video games and neat technology and Christmas is never complete without me playing on a new video game hee hee. ♥

I then spent the rest of the Christmas playing FFXIV because I'm a dorkazoid (I'm Ciahnna Amariyo on Zodiark server if you wanna play ♥).

★ N E W ★ Y E A R ★

For the New Year I went to visit my boyfriend at his parents place in London. I was super muted and toned down in hair and make-up because I wanted to make a good impression so there's not many pictures of me in gyaru, sorry!

We went to the Haagen-Dasz cafe which is one of my favourite places ever. I don't care if I've walked around in the cold and been shivering for the last hour, gimme ice-cream.

It was super yummy. And expensive. But yummy.

We never ended up doing much for New Years Eve but we did order pizza and watch Zoolander and American Hustle. I've never seen Zoolander before but I love it now. BLUE STEEEEEEEEEEEEEL.

We also went to Winter Wonderland in London which was amazing! It was like a giant wintery fairground with rollercoasters, carousels, chestnuts and Santa of course. ♥

I made my boyfriend take a selfie with me so he decided to be cute.

I also did a kind of gyaru look but my coord wasn't on point because I wanted to wrap up warm since I was going to be out in the cold all day. Freezing and having a runny nose and sneezing everywhere so isn't a hot look.

Coat: Lipsy (new!!)
Jumper: Christmas gift (new!!)
Skirt: MA*RS
Necklace: MA*RS
Tights: Offbrand

Winter Wonderland was so much fun! Unfortunately I ended up falling really, really ill over the course of the day and ended up so sick I was doubled over in agony and unable to do anything. It sucks but that's life. I wanted to go on the big rides and I couldn't, I wanted to ride the rollercoasters to see if my eyelashes would come off (legit!!).


I broke one of my New Years Resolutions already. By January 5th I already had 5 new clothing items (Lipsy coat, Lipsy cardigan, MA*RS stockings/garters, MA*RS Dress, MA*RS Jumper). So much for a new year, new me. Are you guys holding up any better than me?

Stay sweet! ♥

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Monday, 5 January 2015

New Years Resolutions

It doesn't feel like it's time for 2015 to be honest. I'm still living in the middle of 2014 somewhere wishing the days away and mindlessly daydreaming about something or other (and probably looking for more ways to fund my MA*RS addiction much to the chagrin of my poor boyfriend). I've been thinking about what goals I'd like to set for the new year even though I'm not the type of person who's able to keep their resolutions too well and I thought I'd document them here incase it'll inspire some of you girls, even if it's just a little!

The new year is a great time to take a moment of self reflection and think about things you'd like to change or improve. There's also the added challenge of having a full year to keep working on them even though it can be seriously difficult.

1. Dress gyaru more!

I haven't dressed up enough this year to be honest. I'm a very shy and reclusive person by nature so I make excuses to stay home in my pyjamas and laptop whenever I'm given the opportunity. Social butterfly I am not. I'm not the only one, right? I absolutely adore the chance to get all dressed up and feel like a prissy princess in my MA*RS and GOLDs Infinity but getting the drive to go out and do it is just a huge chore for me. Therefore I'm going to make my very first resolution of 2015 to dress gyaru a little more!

2. Spend less money on clothing!

I have a confession: I'm a serial shopping addict. I have spend thousands on my wardrobe. I have so many items of clothing and jewellery and shoes which I've worn for a grand total of once and then gotten bored with it and look for the next new, shiny thing to keep me entertained. It's great to have a choice but it's extremely harsh on my poor bank balance. Wearing my MA*RS clothes more than once really isn't going to kill me and I'm not going to be judged for it so... let's slow down on the spending. ♥

3. Meet more people!

As previously mentioned I'm a ridiculously shy and reclusive person. Whenever I see someone I admire or who look absolutely great I tend to squeak and skitter past and freak the hell out about talking to them even though I know they're really friendly. I want to meet more gyaru who live local or in my country so this year I'm definitely going ot be more confident. Confidence is sexy, gyaru are sexy, it fits okay?! (I'm a dork)

4. Keep up a blogging routine!

Sometimes running a blog is hard. Struggling for new content ideas is the very bane of my existance and I always feel pretty awful if I can't update my blog because it's not fair on you guys. If I keep a regular routine up it should make finding new ideas a lot easier on myself and keep you guys happy.

5. Talk to my blogders more!

This sort of links to the previous resolution but I'd honestly love to take the time to talk to you guys more and get to know you all. I want to know what you like and how your days have been and I want to hang out with you all if I could. I always get slightly startled whenever one of you guys comment or drop me an e-mail and I super appreciate it. It makes me happy, honestly. If you guys leave your blog links in the comments I always do check them out as I'm gagging for new blogs to follow.

6. Experiment with make-up!

I've stuck to the 'use neutrals' for years now but I recently purchased a palette with a lot of *gasp* bright colours and after experimenting with it, I loved it. I want to try and corporate a little more colour into my make-up for special coordinates and just to have fun with my make-up again instead of stressing if my eyeliner looks decent.

What are your guys resolutions? Let me know so I can take some inspiration for them. A new year, a new me as they say!

Stay sweet! ♥

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