Wednesday, 3 August 2011


I apologise for the lateness of this post! I'm sure everyone's heard of Kyarypamyupamyu, right? Or at least people who follow the music scene will have!

Who is Kyarypamyupamyu?

Kyary's your everyday, average 18 year old Japanese girl. Or not. She debuted in KERA magazine all the way back in 2009 and she's had a quick rise to fame with a mini album and a book both due to be released this month. She's not gyaru but she definitely has an interesting style.

Also, Kyary pulls the most hilarious faces.

I discovered her through the announcement of her debut album, Moshi Moshi Harajuku and what really caught my attention was how long her name was! The now infamous video for PONPONPON came out and with it she topped the iTunes charts in several countries. The video for PONPONPON is very crazy, but really fun. When it first came out I decided I wanted to see it when I was drunk.

Moshi Moshi Haraujuku is scheduled to be released on 17th August and it's produced by Yasutaka Nakata from capsule.

However, this isn't the only release by Kyary this month! She's also releasing a book called Oh! My! God! Harajuku Girl which is released on 4th August, aka tomorrow.

As PONPONPON had an international release via iTunes, please support Kyary!

Kyary's Blog


  1. I freaking adore her!!! I can sing the chorus to PONPONPON because I've listened to it so many times! Hehe.


    1. I love Kyary too. Have you heard her new album? :D