Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween: Shibuya109 Style

Happy Halloween!

At this time of the year it's not unusual to see spooks, ghouls and other horrifying, terrible creatures prowling the floor of Shibuya109. Well, to be honest, most of them aren't terrifying.

The brands of Shibuya109 released their 2014 Halloween collection and what better date to post it than Halloween itself?

My picks are:

⋆ Swankiss
⋆ one*spo
⋆ Fig & Viper
⋆ Liz Lisa
⋆ tutuHA
⋆ Cocolulu

The accessories from Ruby Rose are really cute too!

My question to you girls is if you had to wear something from one of these brands, which one would it be? I think I'd have to go with MA*RS because it looks like typical MA*RS whilst also being a bunny. ♥

Stay spooky! ♥

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Misc OOTDs

I'm a guilty blogger with a secret: I recently broke my iPhone by dropping it on the floor. As a result I've fallen behind which is why there was no blog post on Monday. I've had it fixed and I figured you guys might want to see some OOTD posts whilst I get back on my feet.

Things will be back to normal... soonish.

O U T F I T # 1

Top: MA*RS
Skirt: MA*RS
Tights: eBay
Shoes: New Look
Head Bow: MA*RS
Both Necklaces: MA*RS

Okay, I like MA*RS a lot. I'd been wearing a MA*RS bracelet as well during the day. Also, bare nails. I had a nasty infection due to a hangnail and couldn't do my nails as a result. It sucks.

I like MA*RS. A lot. Did I mention that already?

O U T F I T # 2

Dress: 'Liya Lisa'
Necklace: Chocomint
Shoes: Melissa

Everytime I wear himekaji I feel like some sort of Stepford Wife. I'm not feeling that style much anymore.

O U T F I T # 3

Dress: MA*RS
Headbow: MA*RS
Choker: KOKOkim
Necklace: MA*RS
Stockings: eBay
Shoes (unseen): New Look

I'm not sure; did I mention I really like MA*RS? I really loved this outfit; I felt like a princess and ever so fancy in it. I think if I could wear MA*RS forever I would be happy.

O U T F I T # 4

Dress: DreamV
Necklace: MA*RS
Choker: Vivienne Westwood

I didn't like my face so I mosaic'd it. My hair was in pigtails but it's not so obvious from the picture. I really like agejo style a lot recently.

Which is your favourite from the four looks? Let me know!

Stay sweet ♥

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Monday, 20 October 2014

Gyaru iPhones : 5 Favourite Apps!

So, I'm not sure about you guys but I absolutely, 100% could not live without my apps. To be honest, I'm not sure how I functioned without them if I'm honest. As we're in an increasingly vain world it's easy to rely on apps for everything from entertainment to photography to even lifestyle.

I've listed some of my favourite apps below that I think that you guys may find useful.


Starting off the list with an obvious choice. Instagram is a fun way to share photos and connect with people. There's so many girls on there it's great for co-ord and make-up inspiration. People on Instagram are super friendly, too. There's no excuse to not have this.

Camera 360

I swear by this app. This app is the light of my life, the apple of my eye, the chocolate sprinkles to my ice-cream... you get the hint. I've written about this app before and I swear it gets better with every new update. The filters are gorgeous, the skin effects are beautiful, and it allows some basic photoshop features. Even better is that it's all in English so there's no fiddling around trying to read Chinese.

The app is updated frequently with new features and the makers of the app have several other photography apps that may pique your interest. Definitely worth a look!


I'm not actually sure of the name of this app as it's in Chinese, but I was able to find it in the store using the term Poco. This app is one of my favourites at the moment, it's amazing! It has a liquify tool and it even allows you to apply make-up and circle lenses so it looks natural. It also has a healing tool, filters, even some purikura! It even has options to remove undereye bags naturally.

As it's in Chinese it can be difficult to work so I recommend just clicking around until you get what result you want. It's worth it.


This is a really Ageha style purikura app. I've seen better purikura apps out there but this is the most 'gyaru' app I've seen and the frames are absolutely gorgeous. It's one of my favourite apps to purikura with just for how gorgeous it is, even if the styles are limited.

Girls Camera

One of my biggest issues with Purikura apps is that the stamps can be limited and can therefore get boring. It's a pain when your favourite app just gets tired and uninteresting to you. What I really like about Girls Camera is that it's a purikura app that's constantly updated. Why? It allows the users of the app to draw their own stamps and you can use the stamps other girls have shared. There's a neverending supply of new stamps that way!

What are your guys favourite apps? I love trying new ones out so anything new and interesting would be appreciated.

Stay sweet! ♥

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Monday, 13 October 2014


Halloween is one of the only times of year that it's acceptable to go out looking like a total weirdo. No one will bat an eyelid at you if you go out in dresses adorned in eyeballs, bats hanging from your ears or even blood cascading from your eyes. Okay, maybe that last one might get you some looks but most likely not. Either way Halloween is meant for fun and there's no better way to do that than dressing up in a creepy costume.

With the rising popularity of creepy cute on the Internet it's now easier than ever to find some perfectly ~spooky~ items for people who don't want to particularly dress up. There's also a billion costumes to do, with some gyaru stores catering to them as well as the cheap options from your local party store.

If you haven't made your mind up for what you want to dress up as for Halloween, here's some ideas!

1. Generic cat Easy peasy. A black/leopard print dress with a matching pair of kitty ears is stupidly simple to do. Teamed with some whiskers drawn on your face (and perhaps a cute little nose) there's absolutely nothing complicated about this costume at all.
2. Devil Also another generic idea. Devil horns and a black or red outfit. It's easy to find horns that are different colours so if red isn't your thing you could run with pink, blue, purple, green... the possibilities are endless.
3. Vampire Wear a perfectly suitable vampire outfit - something black perhaps. Paired with blood leaking from the corner of your lips and a pair of fangs you're a more legit vampire than Edward Cullen.
4. Ghost Dress in an all white outfit with white shoes and white skin make-up to match. With the addition of a black or white wig you're bound to look like a fashionable ghost - or spooky. Much cuter than wearing a bedsheet with eye holes cut out.
5. Doll I can't be the only one who finds wind up dolls creepy, right? With the use of make-up in the correct places it's easy to turn yourself into a puppet or a doll. Pair this with a blank scare and you're bound to scare someone - even me.
6. Zombie Use makeup to make it appear as though, well, you're dead. Bruises are super simple to make using eyeshadows and with fake blood you're bound to look like you're craving some flesh. For extra authenticity rip up your clothes. Or don't; fashionable zombies exist too!
7. Mad Scientist This one is super easy! All it takes is a lab coat - smear it with fake blood or other nasties for the best affect. Use make-up to your will and backcomb your hair until it's a crazy, untamed poof. It'll definitely make you seem crazy.
8. Werewolf You're going for the same look as the generic cat here, but with extra fur. Awooga, baby.
9. Spider Queen This is an interesting one. Wear all black and adorn the spider webs you can buy from Halloween stores on your outfit. Wear a black veil and add little spiders all over. Not recommended for those with a spider phobia.
10. Frankenstein This one is almost all exclusively make-up. Using green face paint, paint yourself green and do your make-up as usual. Add one or two stitches with either liquid eyeliner of black body paint and BAM! Done.

What're your plans for Halloween? I'm completely undecided still so I'd love to bounce some ideas off you all.

Stay sweet! ♥

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Monday, 6 October 2014

Gyaru Journey

This is something I've been wanting to do personally for myself and I thought that perhaps some of you girls would be interested in seeing the evolution of my 'gyaru' style. I've been absolutely everywhere the last few years with my fashion choices. I was inspired by gyaru, I decided I wanted to be creepy cute, I decided to be a normal girl, I decided to wear cute Japanese clothes and suddenly I found myself actually embracing gyaru style as a whole after being scared to take the plunge. My favourite bloggers have changed throughout the years too as well as my fashion inspirations which I thinks shows a lot.

★ 2 0 1 1 ★

From the beginning I always claimed I was 'gyaru inspired'. I used gyaru fashion as an inspiration for myself to dress better. To be honest I lived in t-shirts and jeans and whilst those are all cool and all, I wanted to look after myself a little better. I stumbled upon what came to be my bias, Liz Lisa, and aspired to dress like that using primarily UK fashion.

Did it work? No, not really.

I didn't think I needed lower lashes as my own lower lashes were long enough with mascara on and circle lenses were something I was in complete denial about. I didn't need those! My vision was also pretty bad and I wasn't confident with getting them incase I order the wrong prescription and my optician would've murdered me if they'd known I wanted to shove those infamous 'Lady Gaga' lenses into my eyes.

I stumbled across gyaru in 2010 to be honest and perhaps my grasp of it was a little better than what it was as 2011 progressed. I started off with curled extensions and false lashes at least! My natural hair was cut into a cutesy bob which was cute for every day wear but no good for gyaru in the slightest. I barely bothered to style my hair! I had no idea how to put a coord together or anything. As a teenager I was never a fashion conscious girl as I was very studies focused and in my early years it showed.

As opposed to what I wanted to be I was a silly girl who was just 'inspired' by it. I knew if I claimed to by gyaru it would be pointed out that I was absolutely, 100% not this thing I claimed to be.

★ 2 0 1 2 ★

From here I actually made a bit more of an effort. I was gifted my first set of Dolly Wink lashes, both upper and lower, and I felt thrilled and actually felt a little bit more legitimate. I also stopped biting my nails and letting them grow out which was great. I still loosely followed gyaru trends; during winter 2012 I went crazy trying to get hold of anything that was pastel because that was the new thing. Seriously.

I actually tried doing proper gyaru make-up as I had the lower lashes to do so but I still sucked. Looking back, those eyelashes were no good for the make-up I wanted but they were Dolly Wink so it was okay, right? No. Not at all. I did discover hairpieces other than extensions which helped me spruce things up a little and I was less reluctant to wear wigs. Clothes wise I was still off the mark but I did manage to purchase some key wardrobe staples so everything wasn't a complete loss!

★ 2 0 1 3 ★

I barely posted at all during 2013 on my blog due to some personal issues. This is the year things actually started changing and I began making small improvements.

I purchased my first ever pair of circle lenses (for my Christa Renz from SNK cosplay) and found that they weren't as scary as I thought they were. This made me more relaxed and much more receptive to purchasing future lenses. I also purchased clothes from DreamV which was a big shove in my style and made me feel a lot more confident. I also discovered the miracle of half wigs and realised that they weren't as scary as I thought they were. In fact, they were stupidly easy to apply!

I was also approached in public and asked if I was gyaru for the first time which was... well, not something I expected. I still denied that I was and just said the same old line; that I was inspired by the fashion.

I shed what was holding me back and continued experimenting with my make-up although I was never satisfied; it still wasn't what I wanted.

★ 2 0 1 4 ★

2014 has been the year of experimenting and pushing myself further and further. I purchased eyelashes other than Dolly Wink which improved my upper eye make-up, I think! I pushed myself to wear agejo style clothes and purchased my first gyaru brand item from GOLDS Infinity and my first pair of gyaru style shoes. Even then I still denied I was gyaru but instead was 'gyaru inspired' because the gyaru community scared me and I still felt inadequate compared to some of the other gyaru I had seen, especially the other UK gyaru.

The biggest changing point for me was May Expo. I was determined to do Junko Enoshima justice and looked up how to do rokku style gyaru make-up and applied it for the first time. For the first time in my life I felt like I looked gyaru which was kinda silly because I was in cosplay! I couldn't believe it.

Even then I noted the changing state of gyaru and tried to follow the make-up trends but no matter what I still didn't feel like I looked gyaru without the rokku style make-up. I purchased MA*RS clothes and cute pumps and even more circle lenses and felt confident in myself for the first time in forever. Even when I had some potentially serious health issues that was marking my body I still felt confidence when I was dressed in my precious MA*RS. I purchased more wigs and hair pieces and began experimenting with my look and image.

I also met some of the UK Gyaru at MCM Expo and following them has helped me a lot, I think. Watching them inspired me to spruce up my own image and I gathered the courage to even apply for a gyaru unit (although I got too scared after to even reply to any of their messages) but even doing that has just helped.

To be honest, 2014 has been one of the worst years of my life so it's almost funny that this is the year I've had the most improvement. The year isn't even over yet! I'm still finding my feet because I don't know if I'm agejo or if I like rokku or hime better or if onee would be better for me but... I'll get there somehow.

Stay sweet! ♥

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