Saturday, 17 March 2012

Getting Back Into Gyaru

Do you find yourself staring into your wardrobe wanting to scream, "I don't have any clothes that will work for for gyaru?"

Maybe it's time to take a break from gyaru and it's super easy to get back into the fashion!

I recently read one of Mitsu's posts at Universal Doll called Getting back to Gal Fashion. It's a really interesting read and it highlights some important points.

For example, you don't need to dress gyaru every day.

Doing gyaru make-up is a lot of effort. Do you really want to be wearing make-up day after day? What if you're an office girl like me? I would love to see my boss' face if I walked in with two sets of false lashes, bottom lashes, circle lenses and decked out head to toe in d.i.a.

I'm sure he would send me home to get changed.

Whilst Mitsu made some excellent points in her blog post, I thought I could expand it with a few of my own that she missed out! As I am not gyaru (although influenced) I find myself loving the style one minute and the next wanting to walk around in hoodies and jeans all day.


Look at other gyaru. What are they wearing? Maybe one of the girls is wearing something you really like and you can think of a million ways to include it into a co-ordinate. I find that finding key items like that really inspires me and it causes me to go on a hunt for something similar.

If I find it I look at if I can co-ordinate it with other items in my wardrobe. Seriously, those shorts that have been lounging in the back of your wardrobe? They could work and maybe even keep you bang on trend.

It's also fun if the item isn't typically gyaru or on trend because you get to consider how to include it in an outfit.

Clear mind, clearer style

Linking back on to your wardrobe, clearing it out can help a lot. Maybe you have old clothes you can sell on or give to charity? Clearing out your wardrobe helps you to clear your mind and focus on what style you want. If you're more agejo, do you really need pink and pastel coloured floral dresses?

Once you've re-thought what style you want to be at it can really help! All that clutter may seem like a chore but it will help. I promise.


Maybe you lost some confidence along the way. Maybe you think you're too ugly to pull this style off and you were stupid for every trying. Or maybe it's too much of an effort to wake up at 6am to put on all of your make-up.

Don't worry about it!

Taking a break is sometimes a good idea. Worrying won't help you get back into gyaru style. Take a deep breath, back off and calm down. When everything is okay and you feel well rested you may think, "Well I really can't be bothered."

Be bothered.

Even if you force yourself to do it in the middle of the night put your make-up on, or do your hair or even plan your next outfit. Sometimes we need to motivate ourselves to do things and when everything is all said and done you will feel much better about it and it will encourage you to start easing your way back in.

Whilst some people do consider gyaru as being a lifestyle and you must have ten-foot tall hair and twelve pairs of eyelashes (gross over-exaggeration, I know) it's okay to not feel like participating. Mitsu's post makes so many valid points and explains thing much better but it really, really is easy to ease yourself back into gyaru.

All it takes is motivation, effort and pixie dust.

Okay, maybe not the pixie dust.


  1. arrw yes ~ i am no gyaru, and i don't dress up every day.. but gyaru is a great inspiration for me. and when i want to dress up myself i often follow this inspiration :'33
    ♥ ♥

  2. I really was interested in this gyaru fashion, I bought circle lenses, the Dolly wink eyelashes, and everything else... but finally I get tired of this. Don't know why. Rofl.

    Nah I actually know, it was because it takes too much effort (hair, makeup) and I am, I honestly say it, lazy. (sad to say)
    I thought that to be a casual girl in hoodies and jeans from monday to friday and then have this gal style the week end was a good compromise!
    But after all things considered, I thought it was quite weird to be ugly all week long and good-looking as a bitch during 2 little days. (well I exaggerate)

    But thank you for this post :) I should read the one from Universal-Doll too! It's really interesting :)