Saturday, 29 December 2012

PSA: Friends Don't Let Friends...

Picture the scene.

It's your Christmas work party and you stress and stress to your plus one that this is a very upmarket venue. Luckily you both look absolutely gorgeous and with some of your other workmates head into town.

You meet your manager there and everyone has a good time; there's plenty of alcohol, shots and no one has managed to make an idiot of themselves! Okay okay the food was bad and you couldn't help but laugh when a balloon landed on your boss' head but other than that it's been great!

Several drinks and shots later you're pretty drunk. Everyone decides to go to a different bar and you agree to go! So you go to leave but then you hear it.

...Oppan Gangnam Style.

(Link just in case you managed to never hear this...)

Obviously it's like, a crime against humanity itself to not do the infamous dance.

So you do.

In high heels.

Big high heels.

And you fall.

The bruises were a lot worse than this okay! My leg went purple from them!

Oh, I mean you.

The outcome? Horrifically bruised legs and a bleeding elbow. Not a great look.

Friends don't let friends Gangnam Style.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

MCM Expo

Hello darlings!

It's been too long since I last wrote to you, hasn't it? I'm glad to be back!

Please note that my blog url is now! I bit the metaphorical bullet!

Today's post will be documenting MCM London Expo back in October. It was a complete blast; cold but a blast! I had so much fun seeing and hanging out with everyone again and I couldn't have gone with nicer people

I travelled down wearing this:

...You can't see most of the outfit though.

Hair bow: Miss Selfridge
Jumper: Lipsy
Skirt: E-Bay
Jewellery: Miss Selfridge
Tights: E-bay
Coat: ASOS

The bag was custom made for me! It was inspired by my Inori cosplay and the bag was made by Scruffy Little Cat who completely out does herself with everything I receive from her. The bags I've had from her have been nothing but amazing and I'm constantly complimented on them.

By the time we got to London we were so hungry and tired! It takes three hours by train, plus another thirty to forty minutes by taxi. We met with some friends and got our wristbands for the event and then went... drinking haha.

The next day we were tired ugh.

But look at this I bought!

It's marshmallows covered in chocolate with white chocolate on top. You could also get Belgian Waffles or strawberries. I've never tasted anything so sweet in my life.

That day I cosplayed Ty Lee from Avatar: The Last Airbender. It was fun and cold and I felt so exposed with my tummy on show!

That evening I wore the biggiest, baggiest clothes I could find. Granted, they made me look fat but they were so warm so it was okay haha. We went for food at the hotel restaurant which was delicious and then went drinking. Again.

A lot of the younger Expo crowd (teenagers, etc.) appeared to be out that night and a lot of stuff happened that I really shouldn't repeat here! I was so shocked (and disgusted) at what I had seen even though everyone was truly lovely.

The next day I cosplayed as Ange from Umineko no Naku Koro Ni but I look really tired on all of the photos and I'm too lazy to photoshop them, wah ha ha~ I did buy something though. An absolutely ginormous, huge, unbelievably big...


Look at how cute she is! She was so expensive but worth it! I've called her Dolly and I sleep with her in my bed (even though she takes up half of the room, wtf silly alpaca!!)

That night we went drinking... again.

No photo of my outfit because I look fat but oh well!

I was sitting pulling these faces at my camera waiting for people to get back from the bar and some guy tried hitting on me... maybe he likes girls with wonky fringes and stupid faces, yes?

The next day we went home. No photos because I was extremely sick (not hangover! Actual swollen tonsils!) and I was dying.

Overall it was brilliant! There were lots of people carrying boomboxes around with Gangnam Style on repeat. I love Gangnam Style as much as the next person but talk about overkill...

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Va Va Voom!

Last week I was fortunate enough to win two tickets to see Nicki Minaj live at Newcastle! I only found out I'd won them at 3pm on the day of the actual concert so it was a nightmare to get ready since I had nothing fabulous enough for Ms. Minaj.

Can I just say how gorgeous she is in real life? She's absolutely tiny, like a little doll! She's also really good live and it was nice to see that she knew what her vocal capabilities live were so she could adlib the parts she couldn't do on her own. She's also a superb dancer and as someone who wasn't a really big Nicki fan, I ended up really enjoying myself.

She was really explicit live, it's enough to make a girl blush.

I'm just really surprised at how much I ended up enjoying myself.

This isn't my video below, I was at the side as I had won front block seating tickets but I loved this performance.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Fun Nights

Awhile back, another member of our family turned 18. There's lots of 18ths this year so we've been spoiling ourselves with fancy restaurants and boozy nights out. It's really fun!

I had only 30 minutes to do my hair and make-up because I'd just finished work. I think I managed to pull it off although it wasn't as nice as I'd have liked. I told everyone I was rocking the 'au natural' look tee hee.

See? It was very natural looking! I've been using this picture as my Twitter picture for the longest time now. I just like it! My code for that night was as follows:

Dress: Lipsy
Shoes: Irregular Choice
Bracelet: Versace

I just wanted to keep my outfit as simple as my make-up. And those shoes... oh gosh I just think they're my favourite! They're just so girly and comfy and pretty and I genuinely get disappointed if I can't wear them out!

Another gpoy because I know you guys just love them:

We all met up at the pub around the corner from my house ha ha. It was raining really badly so I was glad just to get there dry and to avoid having my cousin's dog jumping up on me for cuddles. I'd just booked my eye surgery so I was explaining the procedure to my cousin, Ian, and I turned and saw one of my Aunts doing this:

No Aunt, that is to put beer on. Not to put on your nose. Please take it off.

We made it to the restaurant and they gave us a very, very long table to sit on because there was so many of us! It felt like a banquet.

It was then that Annie noticed my camera. Woopsiedaisy.

Mum please take that peg out of your hair....

I want to talk about my little sister. I adore her, please don't think that I don't. But wow she is so vain for a 13 year old! She takes a lot of pictures of herself and whenever people went to the loo and left their phones behind she took pictures of herself! She got pictures on my phone and my cousin's boyfriend's phone. So in revenge I've decided to post them here!

It's hard to believe she's only thirteen!

And because this is a restaurant post I thought I would post a picture of my food. It was delicious and just perfect (even though I had toothache because of my wisdom teeth coming through).


Monday, 20 August 2012

5 Magical Make-Up Tips

Recently, I've been having so much fun recording make-up looks for YouTube. I'm very shy and I still feel incredibly awkward about them but they're just so much fun to do! Whilst I've been filming them I've noticed that I always seem to have a little, handy tip and I have a tendency to want to say them every video which is ridiculous.

So here's 5 of my top make-up tips especially for you guys!

1.) This is my biggest bugbear but when applying blusher, don't smile. Applying blush on your apples of your cheeks when smiling looks great until you look at everyone with a straight face. Then it just looks nasty and out of place.

2.) Instead of splashing out on pricey heated eyelash curlers, just quickly blowdry your current pair. BAM. Instant heated eyelash curlers. Just make sure not to burn your eyelashes with them.

3.) If you feel a little shaky about applying liquid eyeliner, use a kohl eyeliner to do a quick line and then go over the top with it with a liquid eyeliner. The kohl liner acts like a guide.

4.) Sudocrem isn't just for babies bums. It's absolutely amazing for clearing up bad skin and killing spots. My younger sister uses it every day and her once acne prone skin has completely cleared up! Just apply it over your blemishes and wash it off the next morning and ZAP, that spot is dead.

Well. I lied! Number 5 is for you to share your weird and handy beauty tips with me.

Just leave a comment and let me know what your secrets are!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

All the Cosplaying!

As you all know I'm a cosplayer. And as a cosplayer I'm always looking for new characters to cosplay as and I've recently become such an Avatar fan I couldn't resist cosplaying two of my favourite ladies from the series.

First up we have Ty Lee.

Ty Lee is such a cutiepie and she's so bubbly and happy and I just adore her. She's so sweet!

I have a wig test and the full cosplay for her done now!

I am so crazy excited to cosplay her, you guys have no idea! I'm just worried about the whole tummy showing thing but if I can do Inori, this should be no trouble at all.

The next lady I am doing is Asami Sato from The Legend of Korra. I didn't think I'd suit her as well as I do! Make-up is wonderful.

Rather embarrassingly I did a make-up tutorial for her. I feel so awkward and embarrassed and I mumble a lot. Woops.

Saturday, 18 August 2012


I am back!

Apologies for the sudden hiatus! As mentioned in June, I finally bit the bullet and got my eyes lasered. It was a really scary procedure and I haven't been able to wear make-up in awhile because of it so I haven't thought too much about blogging.

For today I have a nice, easy relaxed post which covers what I've been doing in the meantime. I have such a back log of posts, it's ridiculous!

First off, here's my favourite code since I've been away. I wore this the week I had my eyes done and couldn't wear any eye make-up so I just made a big emphasis on my lips.

Shirt: Lipsy
Shorts: Lipsy
Shoes: Garage Shoes
Stockings: eBay

It's one of my favourite outfits ever. It's so comfy too! I wore this on a night out with some of the most gorgeous girls ever (where we bought four pitchers of Sex on the Beach between us woops).

I'm glad to be back!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Musical Gyaru

Today we're going to look at gyaru who have made a point of showcasing their love of musical chairs.

...Okay, I jest. Lame joke!

Today we're going to take a look at gyaru who have decided to dabble in music and launch a singing careers for themselves.

First up we have...

Milky Bunny ~ Tsubasa Masuwaka

To any gyaru, it definitely won't be a surprise to see Tsubasa on this list!

Tsubasa Masuwaka first debuted as a musician a few years ago with Magic to Love, a song released to coincide with the release of a perfume of the same name which Tsubasa was promoting at the time.


Whilst some people consider Magic to Love to be her official debut, it seems as though Tsubasa didn't share that thought.

Tsubasa re-debuted under the name of Milky Bunny last year with the song Bunny Days which went to #12 on the Oricon Charts. Not too shabby for a debut single!

Milky Bunny then went on to release no shape of love, her first digital single, in which the lyrics were written by Tsubasa herself on 9th November 2011. She then followed this up by Zurui yo.../I Wish on 11th January 2012. I Wish was used as the opening to the anime of Fairy Tail.

This was followed by Milk Shake SOS on 29th February 2012 and her self-titled debut album followed on March 21st 2012.

Rina Sakurai (Sakurina)

Rina Sakurai, the popular Koakuma Ageha model, has also tried her hand in the world of music.

She first released her debut single Angel on 18th April 2008. The single failed to chart on Oricon and seemed to put an end to her short-lived singing career.

Until she re-debuted under a new name, of course.

Under the nickname Rina, she re-debuted with Gray Zone on 22nd December 2010. The song was first released digitally in 20 countries before the physical copy dropped. The single charted at #158 on Oricon's charts.


sifow, real name Shiho Fujita, was a fairly popular gyaru back in her day. Her popularity grew because of her GALRevo campaign but reached overseas with her musical debut.

After taking part in numerous collaboration albums, sifow finally debuted as a indie artist, allowing downloads from her website. After having a fairly good response, avex signed her up and released her first mini-album, & YOU REVO on 15th February 2006.

The album charted at #281 on Oricon's charts.

She then released her debut single, CLOVER which was then followed by her LOVE & PEACE single. The album CLARITY followed on 13th September 2006.

After this, she released the singles Carat, RULE and Natsu Hanabi followed by the album Love Spell. The album failed to chart on Oricon's charts.

After the release of Love Spell she announced she was going on hiatus.


Juliet are a three member gyaru group who debuted in August 2009 with their single Natsu Love. The group is made up of gyaru who go by the names of Hami, Maiko and Yumi.

Natsu Love was their first single which peaked at #24 on the Oricon charts. The song peaked at #1 on the Recochoku Ringtone Charts.

The song was released in collaboration with the Popteen model Komori Jun.

Juliet often have a 'seasons' theme with their music and have released a song for every season! In addition they have been moderately successful and have released three albums; Love, Real and Shibuya.

Yumachi & Aina/Shibuya GAL's

Yumachi (Yuma Takahashi) and Aina (Tanaka) are two egg models who are pretty familiar in the gyaru music scene.

Debuting with I Love... they followed up with their debut album, QUEEN, all the way back in August 2010. It was just after the release of this album they announced their new musical venture: a super gyaru group.

To be more specific, a gyaru group based off the AKB48 format. That's right; 48 all singing, all dancing gyaru. The members also act as models.

They released their debut single Ouenka! Agepoyo~ in August 2010. They also promoted with the group at Tsukicon in Finland the very same year!

Other Gyaru-esque Muscians
  • Jamosa
  • Playz (actually, these are a gyaru-o group!
  • Kana Nishino
  • Tsuji Nozomi (tenatively. After she left Morning Musume she became gyaru and was supposed to join Gyaruru but left due to her pregnancy)
  • Gyaruru