Thursday, 15 March 2012

Fun, fun, fun! : Disneyland Paris 2012 DayTwo

That's right, it's time for day 2 of Disneyland Paris! This post is really picture intensive. I tried cutting it down but did a bad job of it. You can see the day one post here.

We woke up at 6:00am to get ready. We were so exhausted and tired that we barely looked presentable; I had half of my usual make-up on because my eyes were stinging and sore. We went for breakfast at the hotel which was very nice~ Croissants are delicious. They also had fresh orange juice with all of the gross little bits in it haha, I haven't seen that around in years!

This was the view from just outside of our hotel room. It looks really cold and wet but it was really warm actually and didn't rain at all! This is the Newport Bay Hotel~

The balloon had Tinkerbell on the side! I was really excited to see her.

We got to the park at about 8:05 and went in. I was pulling Joe along a lot because I was really excited to see the castle. This is my favourite of all of the Disneyland castles because it does look as though it has just stepped out of a fairytale!

Silly people in the background ruined my photo. Joe, y u no hold camera portrait?

We made our way over to Discoveryland so we could ride Space Mountain 2. I was very excited about it.

After walking on to Space Mountain 2 TWICE we then decided to see which other rides were open. The Buzz Lightyear Lazer Blast was and it was so much fun. Joe beat me this time but on the last day within 40 seconds I had 30,000 points so I was clearly the best space cadet EVER.

Do you see the golden tower with the balls on it? Did you know those balls are actually snails? No? WELL NOW YOU DO!

We walked around Fantasyland for a bit and went on the teacups and the Peter Pan ride. We then went to Fronierland for 10am because that's when that land opened and we wanted to be the first on Big Thunder Mountain Mesa.

Apparently, we weren't the only ones who had that idea and everyone was super rude and pushed in front of us.


People need to learn manners!

There was one guy who called us a bad name because the ride attendant let us on the ride before him. Stupid man.

We then went to go to the Phantom Manor but it was shut so we went across to Adventureland! We explored a little and went on the Indiana Jones rollercoaster and then we went on Pirates of the Carribean. I got really wet off that ride because the water kept splashing right where I was sitting.

After that we went across to Fantasyland again where we saw Peter Pan, Wendy and Michael being chased by Captain Hook, Mr. Smee and some pirates. We saw the Queen of Hearts and the Mad Hatter afterwards!

Then we went on It's a Small World.

When we came off Joe was saying he had a nightmare that was strangely similar to that ride LOL

We then went back to Discoveryland to go to Pizza Planet for lunch. It was an all you can eat so we stuffed ourselves full and drank loads of lemonade because we are cheap and didn't want to buy more food later. When we went to pay we realised I had left all of my euros in the safe in the hotel and Joe had to pay for me. I paid him back later, don't worry!

After this we went to the Studios.

It was so, so busy! At the studios we rode the Tower of Terror and the Rock n Rollercoaster. The lines were huge but it was so worth it! The fastpass people were causing the lines to move really slow though...

Actually, funny story.

I saw the Hollywood sign and got really excited and I was pointing to Joe about it and talking about how clever it was. When we got closer it was the top sign of the Studio Tram Tour Ride hahaha.

After this we went back to the Magic Kingdom so we could get a space for the parade. I thought it would be really easy to get a space an hour early.


We were super lucky to get the space we had. We sat for the hour and rested out poor legs until the parade started.

This Eeyore stopped right in front of me and started stroking my coat! He's such a cutiepie!

I was trying to take a photo of the Peter Pan float and didn't notice the pirates running straight up the street. I got a really big fright and a good laugh when I realised he had photobombed my photo!

Best float.

What movie is the gargoyle from though?

Best villian being fabulous.

Aurora is my favourite princess and she was walking on my side of the street for ages and she crossed over before she got to me. AURORA Y U NO WANT PHOTO TAKEN?

After the parade we went to see if the Phantom Manor was open. It was and we got on like, the third ride! Lucky us.

We then went to see Malificent as a dragon underneath the castle. She was asleep for ages and then she woke up and moved about and was generally angry.

I bought a Duffy bear after this and then we went back to the hotel. We had our supper at Cafe Mickey and it was so much fun!

Joe was bullied by Goofy though, or a Goofy we nicknamed SCUMBAG GOOFY because we could. Basically he ripped Joe's pizza and then was mean to him all night. It was funny to me but poor Joe!

The same Goofy stole a little girl's lollipop and she hid underneath the table everytime a character came near afterwards. Poor kid.

Afterwards we went back to the hotel and slept and still didn't get enough sleep.


  1. That Gargoyle is from Night on Big Thunder Mountain. From like, the end of Fantasia I believe. Bloody terrifying to watch as a kid.

    1. Ohhh, that explains a lot! I've never seen Fantasia and I really didn't know where it was from haha.

  2. Replies
    1. You definitely should one day; it's quite an experience!

  3. Wahh, Disneyland looks so fun and I've still not been yet. Love your photos and thanks for sharing.