About Me

My name is Rachie and I'm currently 22 years old young. I'm an enthusiast of Japanese fashion, particularly gyaru, from the North East of bonny old England. I like long walks on the beach at sunset and... is that cliche enough for you?

It's a funny story how I started blogging. One day I stumbled across this absolutely wild fashion from the pages of Japan and I fell in love. I began researching the fashion (and learnt it was called gyaru) and found bloggers who talked about that fashion. I was hooked. I loved them. I wanted to be like those girls but there was a crazy setback that I don't think I would have ever foreseen.

This blog starts back when I was researching the fashion and trying to seem like I was just interested in the style. If anyone asked I'd flap my hands and be all, "Nope, not me! I'm just inspired!" Oh, denial.

So from there a months and years flew by without any improvements before one day I had a conversation with my bestie and I realised that adhering to society's standards was dumb. And boring. Screw that people think, I was going to dress how I wanted. I'd been toeing the line around himekaji and Liz Lisa (my first love ♥) as it was totally close to society's standards and began to embrace the new me: agejo gyaru.

I love fashion. I love trying out new styles that aren't exactly agejo and embracing how I look in them. I love being a new person. (Probably the reason I like to cosplay so much!) I love you, my readers.

♥ F A V O U R I T E P O S T S ♥

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