Sunday, 1 April 2012

Blog of the Week: Miss Banny

Welcome to Week 4's blog of the week. This week I am going to feature Miss Banny.

Miss Banny is run by a lovely girl named Banny, if her blog title wasn't too much of a hint!

I really love her posts. She does review products but she also updates us on her life by writing really nice posts and taking amazing pictures. The photos in her blog are always edited really nicely and they really are a lovely bit of eye candy!

Like any good fashion blogger, Banny also posts her latest purchases and co-ordinates. Her fashion style is absolutely amazing and she always puts together good co-ordinates. I really wish I had her fashion style. Her make-up is also really well done too!

Maybe you're thinking, "Yeah, yeah, so does every other fashion blogger blah blah."

But wait a moment.

Does every other fashion blogger have an adorable bunny as a pet?


Banny also has a bunny called Buneary who is adorable and I love seeing pictures of her. She's too cute.

The cuteness of Buneary alone should inspire you to read Miss Banny. She updates frequently and I genuinely enjoy seeing her posts popping up on my dashboard.

To conclude, this week's blog of the week is Miss Banny.

All images are screencapped from her blog and do not belong to me; they belong to her.


  1. Banny really has a nice blog! : D I like her bunny~

    1. She really does, I love reading it! And her bunny is super cute!

  2. Omg i know this is back in april but I had no idea you posted this! I just googled 'miss banny' and this came up! Thank you so much for doing this and your sweet words. I miss Buneary she passed away but now I have a new cute bunny Luna :)
    Thank you and sooo sorry for never noticing hun!