Sunday, 13 November 2011

Dog Eat Dog World

Forgive me for doing a more personal post! In our family we have four dogs and I thought it would be nice to introduce you to them all. They're my uncle/cousins dogs although I do see a lot of them. My stepfather is allergic to cats and dogs so we can't have any, although we used to have a cat which had the most original name ever:


First up is Minnie, my uncle's dog.

This is actually a really old picture of her from 2009 but she hasn't changed at all! She's still the same size! She's a minature Jack Russell and she's the loveliest dog I have ever had the fortune to meet. She's the sort of dog I can sit on the floor and eat food in front of and she won't try and eat the food. I actually have a bit of a phobia of dogs and she is one of the only dogs I will cuddle up to or play games with. She's really placid and is afraid of most other dogs. She also only likes women; the only man she likes is my uncle. She is almost three years old.

Next up is Alfie.

He is my cousin's dog and is only nine months old. He's been featured on this blog before!. He's a little placid and wary around other dogs and prefers exploring to actually playing haha. He's a big cry baby as well! I'm a little wary around him but he's super friendly and likes being cuddled. He's a King Charles cavalier. He's such a cutie pie, isn't he?

This is Amber. She's also nine months and is just two weeks younger than Alfie. They're pretty much best friends. She's also a King Charles cavalier and is extremely friendly. She likes playing with other dogs and likes people a lot. She's so hyperactive it's a little scary. She's also really smart. If she knows something will hurt her or taste bad she knows not to go near it, unlike Alfie who seems to forget every time. She's adorable.

As a bonus, here's my favourite picture of the two of them.

Next up is Bruce.

He's owned by my other cousin and is only a few months old. As he's a puppy he's still only learning what is right and what is wrong but... Truthfully, I am terrified of him. I've only seen him once and I spent that time sitting somewhere he couldn't get me. I'm not sure what breed he is... I'm not very good at dogs, am I?

That's all for now!

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