Friday, 30 December 2011

50th Post

As you've guessed by the title of this post, it's my 50th blog post. I actually never expected to get past ten, nevermind 50 so this is kind of bizarre. I suppose I'll be doing a lot of rambling in this post.

Back in August shortly after I started this blog I wrote a blog post called Blog Goals. Let's take a look back.

♚ To learn and become a better gyaru; I really want to develop a better style and have more confidence to go out and wear it in public. At the moment I'm so paranoid people are looking at me.

To be honest I don't believe my gyaru style has improved in the slightest. I decided that I'm not aiming to become a certain style; I'll wear what I want and how I please. Gyaru style is something that does inspire me a lot. In fact, it's inspired me to ditch the old jeans that I used to wear all the frickin' time! Certain gyaru brands inspire me such as Liz Lisa (cliche, I know) and Gilfy. I love what those stores have! But I don't like the negative image that comes with gyaru and that only started bothering me in the past few months. Therefore I have decided I am an ordinary girl who is inspired by gyaru culture.

♚ To get at least 100 blog readers! I don't think I write anything too interesting, so it'd be really nice to see that! I might have a giveaway then.

This is still an ongoing dream. I have 9 followers and I love you all very, very much! Come here so I can give you a big hug.

I could promote this blog to make this dream faster. I could but to be honest I don't really know how to. So I'll continue to let people stumble across this blog in the hopes of finding something interesting. Maybe they will like what they see and continue reading. Maybe not.

♚ To just keep this blog going, really! I have a whole folder of blog ideas to write about, so as long as I keep that up I shouldn't have too much of a problem.

As you can probably tell, I emptied that folder a long time ago hahaha! As I said earlier, here we are at fifty posts so I haven't had too much of a problem keeping this through. Sometimes I don't feel like blogging and that's okay, right? I'll always be back! Sometimes I don't have anything to blog about or I'm out of ideas. That's okay too, isn't it?

♚ To use this experience to gain some self-confidence.

In some ways yes, this has happened and other times no. Before fully starting up this blog I dressed like a slob, seriously! Nowadays I try to dress nice so that's a bit more self confidence right there! However, since starting this blog I've been reading blogs of some of the most gorgeous girls I've ever seen and I'll never be as pretty as them. Maybe one day I'll have surgery, then maybe I'll feel better.

Now I've that out of the way, it's surprising how little of those blog goals I've achieved. That's okay though, it just means I've gotta keep blogging!

Catch you all in 2012 and have a fabulous new year everyone!

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