Friday, 25 November 2011

The Very Best of Versace

Sorry for the late blog post guys. Something bad happened the day I actually went to H&M and I didn't feel like blogging for awhile. But I'm back right now! I apologise for these pictures. I started editing them and I forgot to save the PSD file and I didn't want to mess about recreating it. Sorry!

Last Thursday, The Very Best of Versace for H&M Collection was released. I was fortunate enough to have won early entry into the collection but public transport into the city failed me and I missed my time slot! Thankfully the staff let me in but most of what I had been eyeing up (the fur waistcoat and purple and black ra-ra dresses to be exact) were gone! It was manic. We were also only allowed ten minutes to browse the collection so there was a lot of pressure to find something you liked.

The rules were that you could buy each item in one size only. There were people there with the shop staff running after them as they picked up one of everything and didn't bother looking at the sizes. It's clear what they planned to do with them. I don't agree with people buying things to put on eBay because it's unfair to people who want to actually purchase items to wear at their retail prices!

The particular branch I went to didn't let people try the clothes on so I ended up playing it safe with what I got. I could have gotten something outrageous but if it didn't fit then that would have been no good.

What did I get, I hear you at? I'm sure the two boxes above are quite revealing!

In this box, there was...

This bracelet! I actually really like this and can't wait to wear it out!

Then there's this little box. If a bracelet box was bigger than this, I'm sure you can guess what was in here!

I really liked this on the website so I'm really glad I managed to buy it. In red too, which is what I was wanting! I don't really have too many rings so I'm glad to add something so nice to my ever-growing collection.

I didn't just buy jewellery as I'm sure you guessed. I also bought a dress which came in it's own protective cover. This really surprised me and I thought it was a really nice touch since I don't really own any dresses which have their own protective bags! If you haven't seen them, please see below!

I got this dress. It's a little bland and a very safe option but as I stated earlier we couldn't try them on and neither of the dresses I wanted were there. It looks really good on, actually.

I'm sure it'll come in useful for when I need to be classy!

There we have it. It was worth waking up at 7AM on my day off and the stress and upset that day was causing me. At one point I was crying in the bus station when I realised there was no way I was going to get into town in time for my slot haha.

Until next time!

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