Saturday, 6 August 2011

Coordinate Ideas

I really do think that currently, Liz Lisa is one of my favourite Japanese brands of clothing. I do think that Lipsy, a brand that can be easily found within the UK, emulates some sort of the sweet looks that Liz Lisa looks for but I suppose that I'm currently head over heels for Liz Lisa!

Earlier in the year I fell in love with a playsuit I saw whilst browsing the web but I couldn't seem to track it down anywhere! A few weeks ago I did manage to find it and purchase it and I'm currently waiting for it arriving by post. Hopefully I'll be able to wear it at least once before the weather starts getting too cold.

I was planning on coordinating it something like this:

Sorry for how messy the picture is! For some reason Photoshop doesn't want to use any of the fonts I installed.

Let's break this down even further!

For this I tried to use the same store, mainly to see if I could put something togeher! I think I did okay.

  • Brogue Shoes - bought from New Look. I recently bought these the other week actually! They're currently on sale but I paid full price for them. They look comfortable and they're versatile enough to be incorporated into multiple outfits. I almost bought a heeled pair but I didn't think they'd be too practical for someone like me who has been known to go out shopping at 11am and return home at 8pm haha. They're here on the New Look website.
  • Polka Dot Usamimi - bought from New Look. New Look currently has an offer on their hair accessories, buy one get one free, so if you're in the UK I recommend taking a look! They were fashionable in Japan last summer but they only recently took off in the UK this year. I think they're cute and what I do like about them is that they can be worn in multiple ways. They're here on the New Look website.
  • Bracelet - bought from New Look. I say bought but I don't actually have it yet. I figured that the ribbon made these look very girly and the colours aren't too outlandish that this can't be incorporated into other outfits. I personally just find this too cute - I really would like something like this! It can be found here on the New Look website.
  • Belt - I've had this for sometime now. Although the playsuit does come with it's very own belt, I prefer the red one Liz Lisa used. I luckily have something very similar to this already so I'd be using that.
  • Fish Ring - Arinna Jewellery. I recently discovered Arinna Jewellery and they have some very interesting pieces for sale! I couldn't help but smile at this ring; the colours in it are gorgeous. It's also really interesting, I've never seen a ring like this before! I figured the red would compliment the belt without being too overwhelming. This can be found here on Arinna Jewellery's eBay store which is really worth a look.

    Maybe some ankle socks would finish this outfit off, I don't know. I'll see once I can try this on and come to a conclusion. I'm also highly considering a necklace but I'll check ViVi Fashion sometimes in my local shopping centre. ViVi Fashion is a little stand there and they import all their jewellery from Japan. It's all very sparkly.

    So, what do you guys think about this outfit? Hit or miss? Or is there something I need to change? Let me know!
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