Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Windy Weather!

I'm running about three weeks behind with this blog, sorry guys.

A few weeks ago I went out shopping with the other half. It was lovely to see him again, honestly, it was! I was to meet him in town so I tried to put a warm code together.

Not very stylish, I know!

Jumper: H&M
Dress: Select
Tights: Select
Boots: Select
Necklace: ViVi Accessories
Bracelet Primark
Headband: Off-brand

I know I don't look too good. Even with my fur coat on this was freezing cold to wear! My poor nose was running and everything. It was also really windy that day so my hair got messed up and my eyelashes tried to blow away! Luckily they stayed fixed on and I'm kinda glad I didn't do much to my hair as it would've been messed up straight away.

It was very busy in town so we pretty much windowshopped. I did buy some designer-like cupcakes though, I wish I had taken a photo! I bought a few and treated people to them all. It's the season to be giving, after all.

Later that evening we went out for a romantic meal. I say romantic, but we had a very rude taxi driver! We told him the name of the restaurant and whereabouts it was and he tried to take us somewhere 20 minutes away and them left us in some residential street claiming it was the restaurant! Excuse me mister, that housing estate was not the restaurant! He was also 30 minutes late because he was 'lost' and we almost lost our table reservation. We rang the taxi company up and complained so they sent someone to come pick us up and take us to where we were supposed to be. Sorry for the rant but it was very annoying!

We didn't feel like staying out after the meal so we came home and watched a movie. All in all a very busy day, wouldn't you think?

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