Friday, 23 December 2011

Kitacon Planned List

As promised a few days ago, I said I would reveal all on what those blue shoes were. I am planning to go to Kitacon in April next year and as you've guessed those shoes are for a cosplay!

I enjoy cosplaying a lot as it's nice to be someone else for just a few hours. It also lets you represent your fandom and lets you to show people how cool a show can be. It's important to ask maturely and sensibly though as immaturity makes people think ill of your fandom. I'm pretty stoked about my planned cosplays and I genuinely can't wait to go to Kitacon. Most of my cosplays are just for the day time apart from my cosplay for the ball.

I did write about cosplay earlier this year so if you haven't checked it out you really should!

My planned list so far is:

Inori Yuruziha - Mami Tomoe - Nia Teppelin - Princess Aurora

I've cosplayed Nia before but last time I forgot to take my sleeves with me to the con so I wore it a little incomplete. I want to wear the outfit properly this time so I will bring her with me. The rest sort of speak for themselves, if you know me. They're all such girly characters haha.

Christmas is coming soon, isn't it? I'll make sure to do a little blog tomorrow for you guys.

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