Thursday, 1 December 2011

We Found Love... ❤

It's December! I remember that this time last year on my old blog I tried to blog every day. Maybe I'll try and do that this year too!

On Sunday I went to see Rihanna live in concert. I've had the tickets for almost a year now and I was so excited!

My code for the night:

Playsuit: Liz Lisa (replica!)
Belt: eBay
Usamimi: New Look
Shoes: New Look
Ring: Versace
Stockings: eBay

I know you're probably thinking, "huh, those are stockings?!" I bought them online and it turns out they're so huge that they're bunched around the top of my legs. I didn't expect that to be honest haha...
I honestly wanted something comfortable and light since I knew it was going to get warm and my poor feet would have died if I had worn heels. Therefore, I chose flat shoes.

Camwhore~ I was trying to get a good picture of my make-up but it never seems to show up well! I look a little like Snow White in this picture haha.

I also tried again to get a picture of my eye make-up but my hooded eyes and inability to use my camera properly made it come out bad.

I wore my eyelashes on the corner of my eyes.

I took plenty of pictures but Twitter doesn't want me to see them so I can't post them here. Maybe some other time? Rihanna herself was amazing and the crowd reaction was phenomenal. She can really, really sing! I won't be happy if someone tries to tell me that she can't sing in the future because she really can!

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