Monday, 2 April 2012


Kanae Watanabe. Have you heard of her? No?

How about Kaa-tan then? If you're gyaru you've probably heard of her or at least are familiar with the name.

If you're not gyaru she's practically the front girl of ganguro style.

Move over Buriteri, in the West this girl is probably most recognisable than you. Even if you don't know her by name you will definitely recognise her by face.

When it came to manba, back in the early 2000s Kaa-tan was your front girl. She modelled for Egg magazine back in it's glory days and became quite a prolific manba. After gracing the cover of Egg in July 2004 it looked as though nothing could bring her down!

That's when manba began to decline in popularity.

As popular as she became her descent was rather quick; by 2005 she was fading from the pages of egg and by 2006 you'd be lucky to catch a glimpse of her.

What now?

Kanae Watanabe did not leave gyaru style! She moved on to model for another magazine; Koakuma Ageha.

She also has her own blog called COMPRENDA. It's really nice to see that she hasn't completely abandoned gyaru! She's also really pretty underneath all of the manba make-up.

I'm sorry I haven't blogged about the older gyaru for some time (the last one I did was Buriteri back in August 2011 eek!), are there any others you would like to see?


  1. Haha I am not fimallar with the older gyarus! : D

    1. Really? I think it's really interesting to see who they were and what they've evolved to now.

  2. hahaha wow what a transformation! I wonder which other manba models crossed over to the more popular, more toned down gyaru looks. she looks gorgeous! :D

    1. It seems like a lot of the manba models are still gyaru or they've left the scene completely. It's a little disappointing some of them didn't try to rock the manba look a little more but they all seem to still be looking fantastic!