Saturday, 7 April 2012

Random Pictures: Volume 1

Hi guys!

Nothing too serious today; let's have a look at some random photos I've snapped so that they can stop taking up space on my hard drive. :D If you follow me on Twitter you've most likely seen a whole bunch of these.

Not my flowers. I wish they were though. Someone needs to buy me flowers.

Clothes from Lipsy~ I love this blouse and although these aren't the shorts I wanted, they were very similar! These are lace shorts; the shorts I wanted weren't lace. I can't wait to wear these!

Jeez guys I dunno, do you think they used enough stamps?

Mum made my nails look really smart for work. I think I'm gonna keep them looking like this for when I need a neutral nail type. They've grown so much since the Family Meal!


Now we have some Instagram photos! I barely know how to use Instagram but my name is Claranee on there. Follow me if you want!

My Disneyland tickets! I still have these in my purse.

I was bored waiting for the bus home. I don't know why the bus is dark blue with flowers, I don't know about you but those two things don't go together.

Minnie-mops being the most sleepy dog in the world at my grandmothers. She's so cute!

I'll be back tomorrow with Blog of the Week! Tomorrow is Week 5 and I already have Week 6's blog picked out in advance. Look forward to it!


  1. I love the lace shirt and lace shorts!! Black and white are always prefect match!! <3

    1. They are! I promised myself I wouldn't buy anymore black and white clothes but oh well, they can be a staple item in my wardrobe haha~