Sunday, 8 April 2012

Blog of the Week: The Thoughts Basket

Welcome to Week 5's Blog of the Week. This week I'm going to feature The Thoughts Basket.

The Thoughts Basket is run by Linny and I can honestly say it is one of the cutest blogs I have ever had the fortune to lay eyes on. The layout is absolutely adorable and the blue is a refreshing change from the copious amounts of pink I use, plus her posts are really varied!

Linny often does beauty posts and product recommendations which I'm sure we all find useful! If you're curious to see what she's recommended try reading this post on L'oreal Paris' Exclusive Silver Collection.

As I've previously mentioned Linny also does really cute posts which often make my day when I have a look at her blog. In the world of beauty blogging it's so easy to get lost in cosmetics and reviews so it's really refreshing to see cute posts. In a way, it's a reminder to us to stop being so serious!

One of my favourite features on her blog is her Tip Card series of posts. Every so often, Linny posts a 'tip card' which is a useful handy hint that sometimes, we forget about. I forgot to take care of my hands and since being reminded by her third tip card, I've been moisturising and taking better care of my hands!

I haven't seen a series like this on anybody else's blog and it's really useful and unique. I'm sure we could all use a reminder once in awhile!

To conclude, this week's blog of the week is The Thoughts Basket.

All images are screencapped from her blog and do not belong to me; they belong to her.


  1. Her blog seems very cool I'll definitely check it out (don't know if it can be said through haha) ;) ! She's right, I can honestly say that I'm really young, but my hands make me feel like I am 45.