Thursday, 15 September 2011

With Nothin' in my Pocket got some Gal Coats in my Closet

If the slightly obscure title didn't grab you, let it be known that I want to talk about winter coats, gyaru style! Or at least my struggle to find one I liked! As I'm sure everyone on the Northern hemisphere knows the weather is getting colder and winter is slowly creeping it's way in the climate. Unfortunately, most of us don't live near the equator so it'll be very cold and you want to be looking good whilst being warm, right? I wouldn't advise going out in the snow without a coat on!

Personally, Liz Lisa is my favourite gyaru brand. It's so girly and sweet; for someone like me that's perfect. You think it'd be easy to find a coat that looks similar to the outerwear considering their Autumn collection is named 'Royal Lady ~Neo Retro British~.

...Apparently not. Somebody please show me a coat on the UK highstreet that looks similar to this. This coat is from their wonderfully named Autumn collection which, whilst at first seened brilliant to me, has left me sullenly kicking my feet in frustration.

I think the closest winter coat I've ever seen that's felt really girly would be this one I had last year!

This was from good old Primark and lasted me through all weathers; however it's looking a little shabby so it's time to invest in a new one. I look horrid in this picture, I need to stop taking photos of myself after I've been shopping and faced the gloomy winter weather! This coat was so simple but the rose buttons and swing shape of it made me feel super girly.

This year I've not had much luck finding a coat I like. It's the same old parkas and padded coats everywhere. Parkas with fur can be really gyaru but it just doesn't do it for me.

Parkas can be great for gyaru, like the Lipsy one above. Fur is always popular in witner in gyaru and it just adds the right touch. The thing I like most about this particular parka is that it's not dull green that most parkas are!

I had looked at every website and was genuinely despairing that the big man up there just did not want me to have a winter coat this year. I didn't want to wait until the winter collections came out, because I don't have any warm coats other than the warmest coat ever (which makes me look as though I've gained 5 stone but I digress).

I then remembered this coat which has been doing a few rounds on gyaru blogs due to it's similarity to the W♥C bear eared coat from last year. When I went to purchase it the first time it was out of stock so I gave up and looked for something else but ASOS currently has this little beauty in stock again!

It's similar to this coat from W♥C:

It looks really warm and comfortable! I've always wanted to try out W♥C and this is the closest I'll find to it on the UK high street.

What coat are you wearing this winter?

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