Sunday, 4 September 2011


Yesterday, I went out to get a passport photo taken! I'm going away to Disneyland for my birthday in February and my current passport expires the day before I fly so I needed to go and get some new photos taken. Normally, I would've just thrown on some jeans and a vest top but since it's now officially autumn, I wanted to be able to wear one or two of my summer favourites one last time!

So, this is what I wore:

Dress: Lipsy
Headband: New Look
Shoes: Priceless Shoes lmfao
Bracelet: Primark
Ring: Primark

I really love this dress from Lipsy~ I had a very similar one but I only got to wear it twice and it ripped 'cos it was super cheap. This one wasn't and it's lasted a lot longer too! Normally I 'grunge' it up a little by adding a black belt and boots but I was confident it wouldn't rain so I could wear those shoes. It felt really nice being all girly!

Those shoes are actually my 'comfy' pair of shoes. Alas, they gave me blisters this time. :(

I sort of toned down my make because it's for a passport photo and I'm sure they wouldn't want ginormous lashes and panda eyes and a face full of blush. I meant to take some photos but I didn't have time since I was running a little late! The photos are rofl hilarious, I'm literally going o___O when I was trying to look pretty! Alas, I now have another hideous passport photo to follow me about hahahaha.

Since I never scanned any of those photos from it, have a look at this. My legs are so bendy, like rubber bands lmao!

So weird!

Let's finish this song with my current jam. Wired Life by Meisa Kuroki. She's fierce~

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