Friday, 16 September 2011

Irregular Choice

I've been meaning to post about this wonderful brand for over a month now but I never get around to it!

In case you've never heard of it, Irregular Choice is a really unusual shoe store which sells some statement shoes - hence the name. I believe I briefly mentioned a bag and shoes I personally own a few posts ago. Irregular Choice has both stores in the USA and UK so if you can you should really check it out! Why? The shoes are fabulous and you're always complimented on them.

Gyaru brands such as MA*RS and hime gyaru brands such as Jesus Diamante always have the most amazing over the top shoes. It feels really rare for stores outside of Japan to produce shoes like these and Irregular Choice seems to be filing that gap just a little.

These little beauties go by the name of Apple Turnover and they look really comfy despite being heels! They kinda remind me of horse hooves due to the unusual texture of them. Fur is practically a gyaru winter staple so these are almost perfect for the winter! Now, if only the snow and ice would go away so I could go out and wear these...

Despite the fabulous name of Party Pants these boots don't seem to partyish. Or pantyish. What I do like about these boots is the fact that for Irregular Choice they're really understated. The shape of these boots is really nice! Also, black goes with everything even if it is gyaru or not. Persoally, I'd really consider investing in these just because of how understated they are!

This particular shoe is part of the Poetic License series and is called Backlash. I've been lusting after these for awhile, actually. They're really pretty and a type of shoe you can wear throughout the day or glam up for nightwear. Mustard is a hot colour for autumn in gyaru and whilst this may not be exactly a mustard shade, it's not too bright of a yellow you may just get away with it.

For all of you girls who would prefer not to wear heels, they have these...

This is another shoe in the Poetic License series called Notice Me. They're definately more suited to day wear but they're a nice alternative if you don't want to wear the high heels of Backlash.

Fabric Footwork is practically the best name for these shoes. The bow is really cute and sweet! These don't really do it for me but that heel is amazing enough for me to want to post it.

I'll stop here before I find myself wanting everything on the Irregular Choice website! They also sell some really cute jewellery (i.e. bear rings, ice-cream earrings, etc.) and some really unusual clothing too. A lot of their shoes also have matching shopper and cluth bags so your bag will always match your shoes. If you have a penny to spend I'd definitely advise having a pair of these in your wardrobe, they're really nice. Almost an Irregular Choice, you could say.