Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Sweet Days

I meant to post this blog entry a long time ago but I forgot.

As a gyaru, you should have heard of circle lenses by now. Even if you're not a gyaru, chances are you've most likely still heard of them. Ayumi Hamasaki has released her very own brand of circle lenses in a collaboration entitled 'ayumi hamasaki x Sweet Days'. Whilst Ayu isn't a gyaru herself she's known for her eyes so this is really interesting for her to release!
It's my understanding that she didn't design the lenses herself, but is the face model. To be honest, I'm not too sure. Maybe we should ask her on twitter?

I find this picture really interesting because it doesn't look as though she's wearing lenses but her eyes certainly aren't that light! Her eyes must be huge for her to be able to wear circle lenses and still have lots of eye white! I'd take a guess that she's wearing either Cacao Brown or Princess Brown.

The lens themselves come in lots of colours:
  • Loving Black
  • Kiss Me Black
  • Heartful Black
  • Milky Gray
  • Crystal Gray
  • Cacao Brown
  • Princess Brown
  • Honey Gold
  • Sparkling Gold
  • Apple Green
  • Blue Wish
  • Magical Violet

    The website for these state that they're between 14.0mm and 14.5mm but Ayu herself claimed that they were actually 15.0mm on twitter. The eye close-ups on the website look a little weird to me as I'd rather see them on a face full of make-up!

    These are Sparkling Gold. To me, these are definitely the weirdest lenses! They don't appear to be enlarging anything and I've never seen a pair of circle lens that don't have a dark border before.

    These particular lenses are Cacao Brown. I really like these and I'm not too sure why! They just happen to look really light and look really nice, okay? Haha.

    This is Apple Green and I really, really like the colour. It kinda reminds me of Geo's Bambi Lenses for some reason. They're really pretty and look as though they'd be great on darker eyes which is always a bonus! Maybe it's because of the close-up but they do look a little weird, I wish I could've seen this on a full face rather than just the eye.

    Blue Wish is the disappointment of these lenses for me. They don't seem to show up too well on darker eyes which seems a little odd considering these are to be sold in Japan where darker eyes are more prominent. Maybe they'll look nicer on lighter eyes?

    These lenses aren't too cheap sadly as they retail at 4,200yen (!!!). I would kinda consider buying them just because I'm a huge Ayu fan but I don't have that sort of money to drop on some lenses and I can't get lenses in for some reason.

    The website for these lenses is here and they do have a Rakuten store.

    I've also heard that Miss Hamasaki is also releasing some eyelashes! I'll do a post about them once I know a little more.
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