Friday, 2 September 2011

Oneesan Ni Natta

Hello gang!

I'm blogging today about Oneesan Ni Natta, how many of you have been reading this? It's a collaboration magazine between Ageha, nuts and I &heart; Mama.

Currently there's only four issues out so it's a relatively new magazine. Naolani at livejournal posted some scans of volume 2 up and so I could introduce you all to this magazine, I thought I'd make a post using some scans! As she says, it is like a more sophisticated version of Ageha, so if Ageha isn't for you I would recommend checking this out!

I really love the code of the girl on the right. It's kinda girly without being too girly and pink, if you understand what I mean?

This is another code I love! The girl at the top is wearing such a cute outfit! I think if I could wear something like this to work I'd be really pleased. It's really nice. Her hair is gorgeous but that's another story!

I really liked this section, actually! It was nice to see how different wigs could be incorporated into gyaru and it just shows how important they can be in achieving those hairstyles! It was nice seeing them put into catergories too.

That's all I'll post but I really recommend trying this magazine out. I hope that more magazine scans will become available soon!

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