Thursday, 3 July 2014

Too Old?!

As a young lady in her 20s I always wonder, "Am I too old to wear this?" I sometimes look at my comfy old Twinkle Bat jumper from the very brief phase where I decided I too could be Kyarypamyupamyu and think, "At 22 maybe I shouldn't wear this anymore..."

It feels like I should we wearing my trendy bodycon dresses and safe shirts I often see girls of my age wearing. Bodycon dresses are everywhere as they're in fashion and when I see girls wearing them I always assume that they're older than me. Maybe I shouldn't wear my sweet styled clothes with their girly trims and lace and maybe I should settle down in jeans.

But, you know what?


I'll wear my Twinkle Bat jumper if I want to and I'll look great.

Your age shouldn't stop you from wearing what you're comfortable in and what you like. In a world where the media attempts to dictate what we should wear because it's fashionable and where society has certain expectations of us, it's important to be able to express yourself. Clothes are a form of self expression. If we can't express ourselves and let the world know who we are then what kind of place are we living in?

I recently realised that I was allowing society to dictate what I wore and my age dictate what clothes I wore. That's not good at all!

Take a look at Mao-chan. She looks fabulous and wears what she wants without caring about what others perceive her. She's over 50 years of age. If a lady in her 50s can wear what she wants and look absolutely fantastic whilst doing so, why can't you?

The models in gyaru magazines are older and still look fabulous. Sakurina and Momoeri are in their 30s and the sweetheart Tsubasa Masuwaka is coming up to the big 3-0. Yet they're still wearing what they want and they rock it.

You're only as old as you feel. Of course I don't recommend going outside wearing a diaper and pacifier at any age above being a toddler but there's nothing on this earth that's stopping you from wearing what you want. If you're enjoying yourself and feel comfortable then there's no reason to stop.

After all, you only get to live once. Best do it whilst looking fantastic, right?

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