Monday, 28 July 2014

Moshi Moshi Tokyo

Whilst not exactly gyaru, I often find myself fondly looking over to Kyarypamyupamyu for fashion inspiration from time to time. If I'm bored of my current style and wanting to jazz it up a little I find myself looking at her for inspiration and you have to admit her music videos are totally cute (if not a little crazy)!

In order to coincide with Hyper Japan which was over the weekend over here in the UK, Kyary's team has released a nifty app called Moshi Moshi Tokyo which allows you to see Tokyo through Kyary's eyes. The French version was released to coincide with Japan Expo in Paris. It allows you to 'visit' stores such as 6% DokiDoki, Milk, etc. as she takes you on a tour around her favourite spots in Harajuku.

The app is really simple and pretty fun. It gives a nice insight to some stores that I would normally look over such as JYDA. It's really simple to use and reminds me of a magazine that I might pick up. The photography is gorgeous and Kyary is super cute as usual.

If you're interested you can download it from iTunes.

Stay sweet! ♥

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