Tuesday, 8 July 2014


For the first time in what feels like forever I had an excuse to dress up and make myself look pretty. It was my cousin's birthday party and she threw a big night out for us girls. It was nice to let my hair down on Newcastle's Quayside and just let all of my worries go for a short while. I only stayed out until 10:30pm though because I ended up too drunk; to be fair I'd been drinking since 4pm!

I'm not a tank!

It was really busy because there had been horse races throughout the day so there were a lot of people to have a good time with. I got to dance and ended up laughing until my cheeks hurt. ♥

Enough of my rambling: here's my look!

I kinda wanted to go a rokku eye look but it doesn't feel like it transfers well without circle lenses. I've been avoiding wearing them recently until my optician says it's okay for me to wear them again after I was in a lot of pain at MCM Expo so forgive me TwT

The dress is one I stole from my cousin because none of my clothes fit me at the moment; everything's too big!

At one point we stopped near the Millenium Bridge for photos. I'm the palest person there!

My cousin brought her mum along as well as my mum and friends so they wouldn't feel lonely.

Which reminds me...

Look at this drink!

The table was wet from people spilling their drinks. Mine included. I feel so bad.

But this tasted exactly like candyfloss! I think I'd die if I could drink these all day without any consequences. It was a little sickly sweet but so yummy!

How do you guys like to let your hair down? Let me know!

Stay sweet! ♥

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