Sunday, 20 July 2014

Cutesy Kink & Fake Liz Lisa

Recently I wrote about a Liz Lisa dress of dubious authenticity that I picked up at MCM Expo from Cutesy Kink. I'd been speaking to a friend who said she'd seen some Liz Lisa dresses and no matter what fashion style I decide I currently am, I will always have a weakness for Liz Lisa.

Liz Lisa is my kryptonite.

I saw this particular dress on the Cutesy Kink stand and snapped it up at a size M which I was assured would fit a UK size 10. It wasn't until later I realised I'd very stupidly misread the label and it wasn't Liz Lisa, but instead Liya Lisa. I'd been chatting to the gentleman who was operating the stand and he never once corrected me labelling the dress as Liz Lisa.

For those who are unfamiliar with Liya Lisa, they are well known for being an indicator of Liz Lisa replicas. For more information please see here.

I've tried locating which particular collection this dress came from but without much luck. It seems to have come from one of the A/W collections as it's a very warm dress! Although this could be from one of Liya Lisa's own collections as they legally operate their own stores in China, where copyright laws are notoriously lax.

Truthfully, there was some giggling when I realised that Liya Lisa had stores and were operating legally. It seems a little surreal!

Picture taken from Liya Lisa's website

That's not the biggest salt in the wound.

Searching 'Liya Lisa' on Taaobao brings up tons of Liz Lisa like dresses with none being more than 200 yuan.

200 yuan is the equivalent of £18.85

I could buy at least 2 of these dresses and shipping for how much Cutesy Kink charged for one dress. Nice mark up.

Lessons I've Learnt

I've learnt that ultimately, check the label before buying anything instead of believing what people tell you. Whilst the English website of Cutesy Kink will reduce the headache of shopping services, browsing in Chinese, etc. it's really not worth the price tag.

Stay sweet! ♥

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  1. Did you try getting your money back somehow? Or just let it be? That kind of blows...I mean I personally don't mind replicas but least hook me up with a better price.

    1. I've just let it lie for now but I think it's kinda crappy of them. I'm just glad it's really well made for it being a replica!