Monday, 30 June 2014

May MCM Expo 2014

Last month I attended London MCM Expo. It's the first time in four years that I've attended the May edition as I usually overheat and get tired and grumpy and I wanted to avoid that. It's no different this time.

Unfortunately I didn't have an overly good time due to some personal circumstances. But that's no reason to stop the fun, right?


I didn't cosplay on the Friday as I was travelling all the way from Newcastle which is approximately three hours. After dragging a case down I wasn't in the mood to cosplay for one or two hours so I decided to wander around in normal clothes.

I'm actually really silly and forgot to take an outfit shot waaah. The shirt I was wearing was a gift from a friend and the skirt was the white skirt I'd bought from YesStyle recently.

I had a lot of fun being able to browse in peace but it was so weird to not be cosplaying. I felt invisible! Although it was a lot less stressful to get everywhere. I kinda wish I'd taken more photos of the inside of the con centre as... someone decided to hold exams.

During a convention. I know. Scandalous right?

I ended up purchasing some lower lashes from Dreamy Bows. Their stand was so cute and their staff were super lovely. I really do recommend them as they've been nothing but lovely and helpful. I'd left my lower lashes at home and I was panicking until I saw their stand. ♥ I also purchased a wig from them to replace the wig that I never received from Lockshop.


I cosplayed! I redid my Junko Enoshima from Dangan Ronpa just like I did back in October. There were some significant improvements on the make-up front and I didn't forget to wear my choker this time.

I had lots of fun being asked for photos but I was fairly tired. I lost a lot of contact with my friends who weren't working and spent most of the day by myself and hiding from the Dangan Ronpa fandom because I'm super shy! I did meet some lovely people who took photos of me or had impromptu shoots. ♥

Although I felt lonely I felt blessed that people would offer to help.

One of the things I love about the UK con scene is that everyone is so friendly and willing to help people out. I usually don't see that much at Expo but people who saw me sitting by myself came by for chats and I just feel so fortunate that I was in a position to be able to capitalise on those.

I'll be posting photos on my cosplay page.

I didn't buy anything because as anyone who has attended Expo knows, Saturday is horrifically hot and stuffy and difficult to move in.


Did I cosplay again? Of course I did! I recreated my Gemucon lineup by recosplaying Sonia Nevermind from Super Dangan Ronpa 2. I wanted to get photos of her that I could be proud of.

I didn't do that.

The costume was a total pain. My ankles kept twisting, my contacts were physically painful and the wig would not stay on my head. For the first time in forever my false eyelashes decided they didn't want to stay on my face. I felt like a fat frump and less like the Super Highschool Level Princess I should've been.

I purchased a Monomi plush to go along with my cosplay. I also purchased a Liz Lisa dress of... dubious authenticity and gave some money to a girl who was agonising over whether or not she could afford a bag.

Sure, this is authentic, right? Not. I like the dress enough to have not gonna storming back to the seller when I realised they'd charged me brand prices for something that was very not brand. It's no secret that MCM has become full of fakes recently but I'm disappointed that it'd be so obvious and in my face.


Expo was okay. It was Expo. I was lonely and bored most of the time and just wanted to hang out with people who weren't working. I kind of wish there was more to do but when it's like a cattle market there's not much that can be done. Kudos to them for expanding the space, although I missed the sitting area from October Expo a lot.

I'm not sure if I want to attend the next one.

Stay sweet! ♥

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