Monday, 21 July 2014

Swankiss A/W 2014 : Poo Doll

It's a fact that I've never been fond of summer fashion. It's so boring and every year it's the same trends that come in and out. Sometimes a girl just wants to wear something with cute sleeves without burning up whenever the great British sunshine decides to come out and play! I'm growing bored of the same old floral summer S/S prints so I'm deadly excited to see that stores are slowly but surely bringing out their A/W collections.

First up is Swankiss.

The name of their A/W 2014 is Poo Doll. As in 'poodle' but it's a very questionable name in English! I don't think it quite gives off the cute and kitsch retro gal theme that they're looking for! A+ for effort Swankiss, you tried! It just didn't quite work.

60s and retro styles are set to be huge in Autumn & Winter and Swankiss takes this and adds their own girly flair to it. Pearls? Check. Lace? Check. Flared skirts? Check. The collection also includes muted versions of our favourite pastel colours and has a variety of prints.

In some ways, this collection reminds me of a cross between Liz Lisa and KOKOkim. Shibuhara and sweet/roma gyaru can both take pieces from this collection so it'd be interesting to see how both subcultures choose to style these pieces. It's something to keep a watch on and to take inspiration from for sure!

It's very interesting how they've chosen to interpret the 60s. Instead of the bold reds and polka dots I often see from Western designers choosing to emulate this style it's refreshing. Mauve is nicer on the eyes.

The collection is available to preorder from the Swankiss website.

Stay sweet! ♥

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