Monday, 3 February 2014

DreamV Haul

I used to be one of those girls who thought that they would never be able to order from a Japanese brand due to the language restrictions. Did I trust using Tenso or other companies? No. Mainly as I'm a little scatterbrained and was super duper scared that I would get something wrong and lose everything. So for the longest time I used to sigh over the beautiful clothes and will the clothes to enter my closet.

Which, by the way, doesn't work. No matter how hard you wish. Nada. Nope. Nothing.

So imagine my face when I realised DreamV would ship overseas without using a shopping service! Other than writing an email to confirm the shipping you don't even need to understand Japanese in order to order from there.

Cute clothes: get!

I bought the below items.

Super cute!

My order arrived within two weeks so I was really pleased with their service and they're so well packed. I know I had to go all serial axe murderer with a pair of scissors just to get into the box that it came in so everything arrives securely.

My only problem was that my choker was missing it's charm and was really rigid and solid on my neck and that the clothes look cheap up close. But for the price you're paying I honestly can't complain.

I'll definitely be ordering from them again. I'd like to try their shoes but I haven't figured them out yet haha.

Have a lovely day everyone!


  1. Ah such a shame the choker was missing its charm. Did you email them about it? You should do a post on how the stuff actually looks!

    1. I never did email them as my Japanese definitely isn't strong enough. It was very cheap though so I can't complain and if anything, I just now know now to order that kind of thing from there.
      Aah, that would be a great idea for a post! I have two garments from there that I haven't worn yet so I could definitely do that sometime!

      Thank you so much for your comment, beautiful <3