Friday, 28 February 2014

Born Pretty Wishlist

Today I want to speak to all of you guys about a webstore I discovered. I’m always on the lookout for cheap but pretty accessories so I think I hit the jackpot with Born Pretty!

I made a wishlist just from the things I saw in their accessories section.

1. Multi Pearl Stretch Bracelet, £2.99
Once upon a time I used to wear a really similar style of bracelet to this. I broke it and could never find something similar without all of the bows on for a cheap price so I’m really pleased to see this.

2. Vintage Flowers Fake Collar Necklace, £5.95
Look at this. Look at it. Do you see how lovely it is? I’d expect to see something like this retailing at £10 in a high street store so this is a bargain. It’s such a statement piece! I think this is my favourite out of everything!

3. Lacy Bracelet Wavy Patterned Chain Link Ring, £2.03
I thought this was really pretty and it caught my eye. I think this would be a lovely statement piece on a simple dress. The bow makes it look really girly and feminine too and it would totally stand out from the crowd. It’s c-u-t-e!

4. Luxury Ring Exaggerated Retro Bejewelled Design, £1.79
How can this ring be so cheap? It looks really expensive and expensive and it’s totally not! I’m all about statement pieces recently and can you imagine showing this off? It’d look lovely with a little black dress or a vintage kind of outfit.

5. Beautiful Shell Rhinestone Jewellery Tibet Silver Bracelet, £2.99
This really caught the eye of my inner geek. I’m sure we’ve all heard of Game of Thrones and this bracelet reminded me of Daenerys Targaryen, aka Khaleesi. I’m sure all of the female fans have wanted to be a khaleesi at some point so I think this is perfect. Once again it’s like, at a fraction of the price that I would expect it to be. You could say this is totally fit for a princess. Or you know, a khaleesi.

6. Star Décor Anklet, £1.79
I’m usually not the kind of person to wear anklets but this caught my eye. It doesn’t completely stand out but it looks delicate and the stars are a nice touch. You could wear this in a girly outfit or a bit more of a ‘rock’ style in my opinion. At that price I can’t exactly grumble.

7. Full Rhinestone Rhythm Pendants Music Note Necklace, £1.79
This is really sweet and not so stand out that it’d like, completely overwhelm an outfit. It looks really delicate and could be worn in a lot of styles I think! If something can be worn in a lot of styles and is cheap it’s a definite bargain in my opinion!

8.Cute Leaf Shaped Hair Pin, £2.60
I don’t think I can stop calling things from this store ‘cute’! Once again I found something really cute and it’s in my favourite colour! It’s a lot different from the stereotypical flower hairpins so it’s a unique piece.

9.Vintage Elegant Camellia Flower Necklace, £2.35
I chose this because it’s not as expensive as the collar I saw earlier and it looks similar to some items I saw at Tatty Devine once. At a snip of the cost, as usual.

The total of my wishlist is £24.28 but with the 10% discount it’s only £21.85 with free shipping!

I’m really impressed!

Huh, but what I hear you ask? 10% discount?

That’s right!

Born Pretty Store were kind enough to e-mail me a discount code for my readers when I let them know I was going to be doing a piece on them. That’s super generous of them.

The discount code is…


If you apply it at checkout you’ll get a 10% discount which is always really handy. With free shipping too you can’t complain.

I think when payday rolls around I’ll definitely have to indulge myself.

Stay sweet! ♥

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