Wednesday, 26 February 2014

DreamV Quality Review

Blog reader Jessica gave me the idea to do a post on how some of the clothing I purchased from DreamV looked as compared to the website.

As always, I purchased these products with my own money.

The last two items I purchased from DreamV were these two dresse in Smoky Blue and Beige. The blue dress is super sweet and I think it stands out more in the blue than the pink.

With DreamV you definitely get what you pay for. The clothing is super cute but they're often cheaply made. You sacrifice nice materials for affordable prices.

Apologies for the pictures, it was raining outside on my free day so getting nice lighting was a pain.

The material is opaque and wrinkles really easily! It's a pain to keep nice. The skirt is thankfully not as opaque but because it's gathered it creases really easily due to the fabric.

Funnily enough, when you wear the dress it looks much nicer, not as opaque and a lot of the creases and wrinkles just... disappear.

Magic fabric?

Who knows...

The buttons sometimes look a little crooked. As you can see, they're not secured on with thick thread and have only a little to keep it secured onto the dress.

I find this to be standard for all DreamV products.

Nonetheless, the buttons have not come off any of my dresses from them yet so I guess they're studier than they look!

I think this picture has the best representation of the colour of the dress. The sleeves are incely sewn on.

One of my bows is crooked but I think that's something I can fix myself.

The open holes on the sleeves are super cute!

This is the zipper on the inside of the beige dress. I'm not particularly happy about how it looks but because it's on the inside of the dress it won't be visible.

The fabric is also opaque, but not as much as the smoky blue dress that I showcased before.

As previously said, with DreamV you get what you pay for but the clothes always look so cute when worn! The pictures on their website are sometimes a little misleading on the quality of the goods. In addition some of their things are made nicer than others; the polka dot dress feels so much better than the others and isn't as opaque. It's a super cute dress too.

You can purchase directly from their webstore but I'd recommend knowing at least some Japanese. Overseas buyers have to confirm the shipping via email in Japanese.

As a note, as a UK buyer everytime I've ordered from them I've been hit by customs chargers so always factor the additional cost in. Both times, my charges were £20.00

Because I'm super vain and I found a part of my room that gives me gorgeous pictures provided I lay down and add the filter I showed you guys about, here's a bonus picture of me.

As long as it makes me look pretty, I'm not moving from here okay??

See you guys soon!

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